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Show Organizer (s): PRO-MARK INC.
Event Date (s): January 1, 2030 .. January 1, 2030
Venue: Manatee Convention Center
Address: One Haben Boulevard Palmetto FL
No. of Exhibitors: 130
No. of Attendees: 225 stores
Flor Size: 30000
Phone: 941)722-3244

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: This show is a trade only show for the gift store buyer.It is structured with the tourism-oriented retailer in mind. We also have department stores, better gift shops and florists who attend to explore the wide variety of merchandise.\n
General Information: Tampa Bay Gift Show
Attendee Information: Our goal is to provide a broad choice of quality goods for attendees to find, examine and buy. We strive for a low key, regional market where buyers feel comfortable and return year after year. Our exhibitors have time to treat every buyer as an important person..\nIn today?s era of super shows, it has become impossible to work with all of your regular suppliers at any one show. These regional shows have concentrated some of the prime vendors to the tourism industry for the convenience of the buyer. All of the shows are large enough to present a worthy selection of proven lines without having the confusion of a mega-show. The vendors also enjoyed the unhurried, low pressure, friendly atmosphere.
Exhibitor Information: Pro-Mark, Inc. has been in the Gift, Souvenir, and Novelty trade show business since 1973. Buyers who patronize these shows typically sell to tourists. All of our shows maintain a waiting list for space. Assignments are based on type of product or service. Our success has been built on providing a broad variety of merchandise for the potential buyer. Our markets are regional Hot Spots and highly active business areas. Our shows are all order writing, selling shows, open only to the trade. Our two oldest shows have been sold out since their inception.