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44th International Trade Show


Show Organizer (s): Celje Fair Plc
Event Date (s): September 7, 2011 .. September 14, 2011
Venue: Celje FAIR
Address: Dekova 1, 3000 Celje
No. of Exhibitors: 1600 , History Record: 1600(in 2009)
No. of Attendees: 160000 , History Record: 250000(in 2002)
Flor Size: 65000 , History Record: 65000(in 2010)
Phone: +386 - 3 - 5433200
Fax: + - 3 - 5419164

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: The most important and major event organised by Celjski sejem is International Trade Fair (MOS) which is undoubtedly the largest fair and business event in Slovenia.
General Information: Today MOS is the largest economic and business event in Slovenia and has such reputation in Europe and in the world. Joint efforts and collaboration between Slovenian Chamber of Craft and Celjski sejem brought to life a successful fair event. One of the features deserving a special mention is a very rich exhibition programme which consists of different thematic groups. This kind of fair concept makes the programmes which cover different lines such as metallurgy, electro-technical, timber-processing, food, furnishings, construction and telecommunications very transparent. The fair is a place where banks, insurance companies and other services present their offers, and last but not least, the exhibition programme is complemented by consumer goods. Not only is the fair an excellent business opportunity, but also and opportunity for social and informal gatherings in which many political and public figures take part. MOS has a great success in joining foreign and domestic exhibitors who time and again see the fair as the land of opportunities, the venue for showcasing the latest foreign and domestic achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs. With its comprehensive offer, a wide range of products on display, and a number of visitors to envy, it is a crossroads of opportunities for the bold and the most enterprising. In eight days the showground transforms into a beehive, bustling with numerous events, roundtables, lectures, business, social and informal meetings which make it stand among the industry greats and place it at the top of recognised mega events. MOS
Attendee Information: http://www.ce-sejem.si/index.php?page=sejem&item=4373&ex_tree_root=4373
Exhibitor Information: http://www.ce-sejem.si/index.php?page=static&item=4380