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Australian-China Business Week (ACBW) 2011


Show Organizer (s): Australian Business Forum
Event Date (s): July 26, 2011 .. July 28, 2011
Venue: Crown Conference Centre Melbourne Australia
Address: 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank 3006 Melbourne Victoria Australia
No. of Exhibitors: 50
No. of Attendees: 300
Flor Size: 000
Phone: 61 - 3 - 8689 9898
Fax: 61 - 3 - 9426 0565

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: “China will underpin Australia’s growth for decades, Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. “ NO one would doubt Australia's future is in China, but the reverse, it seems, is also true: China's future is in Australia. Now in the third year Australian – China Business Week (ACBW) 2011 will host a series of events from 26 – 28 July 2011 in Melbourne Australia. ACBW 2011 is a series of high profile events catering for both the Australian business sector and Chinese business and Government Delegates. Scheduled events include a Chinese Delegates Program, Showcase, Forum, Business Matching and Networking Function. ACBW 2011 provides a platform for the business sector to review business opportunities trends options and solutions in undertaking business with Australia’s major trading partner, and is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into vast Chinese domestic markets from entrepreneurs who are expanding and consolidating their business interests. For Australian attendees there are a range of events and functions including forums outlining the opportunities and challenges of trading in China, case studies and panel discussions, a focus on the economic expansion, trade issues, and the emerging business opportunities relevant for Australia. Attracting senior delegates from industry and government sectors across Australia, China and the South Pacific Region, Australia-China BusinessWeek 2011 (ACBW) is a unique event giving organisations valuable insight into international business relations with China – Australia’s largest trading partner. ACBW 2011 provides excellent networking and business matching opportunities and contact with a large number of delegates from China and includes a range of business events!
General Information: According to the UPS Asia Business Monitor report, 78 percent of Chinese SMEs currently conduct their business in the Asia-Pacific, compared to 6 percent in the United States and 10 percent in Europe. More than 70 percent of the surveyed enterprises showed their faith in the region’s potential by listing the Asia-Pacific as the top prospect for trade growth and business expansion over the next three years. “This year’s survey reflects a strong belief in the continued global economic recovery, especially in Asia,” said Richard Loi, president of UPS China. He said the growth potential of the region can be reflected by an export volume growth of more than 40 percent in China in the first two quarters of 2010. Chinese SMEs seem eager to explore business opportunities in other areas. Almost half of respondents felt that market growth, and extending their business into other regions or overseas markets was the type of business opportunity they would be most willing to explore. With the impact of the global economic crisis in the financial services sector, many businesses, including Chinese SMEs, are looking to other sectors when searching for new opportunities, listing building and construction, information technology, and manufacturing as the top three. Now in the third year Australian – China Business Week (ACBW) 2011 will host a series of events from 26 – 28 July 2011 in Melbourne including Forum, Showcase, Networking Functions and Business Matching Session for both the Australian attendees and Chinese delegates.
Attendee Information: Please reference to website:www.australianbusinessforum.com.au
Exhibitor Information: Please reference to website:www.australianbusinessforum.com.au