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We are professional manufacturer of cnc carbide indexable cutting inserts:
1. Various grade and size are available.
2. Made from 100% new material.
3. Good quality with competitive price.
We can produce cnc carbide indexable cutting inserts according to drawings or samples.
Your inquiries will catch our highest attention.
(www,xinruico,com,   skype: xinrui-carbide)


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Xinrui Industry Co., Ltd.
Address Industrial Park, Huanghe(S) Road, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China
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Company Profile We are professional manufacturer of carbide inserts and carbide cutting tools. Such as turning inserts, milling inserts, end mills, threading inserts, parting and grooving inserts, carbide drawing dies, clamping blade, ceramic inserts, etc. And we can produce carbide inserts according to your drawings or samples. If you have any interest, please inform us. (www,xinruico,com)
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Quantity range (lots) Price (per lot) Process time (Days)
1 - 5 $ 1 2days

Shipping Service Shipping to Estimated delivery time Shipping cost
DHL world wide 2days

Unit Price 1
Currency usd
Item Specifics tungsten carbide
Product name sell cnc carbide indexable cutting inserts
Payment method bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
Item Code CCMT09T308
Category Machinery and Equipment/Metal processing machine

We are professional manufacturer of cnc carbide indexable cutting inserts:
1. Various grade and size are available.
2. Made from 100% new material.
3. Good quality with competitive price.
We can produce cnc carbide indexable cutting inserts according to drawings or samples.
Your inquiries will catch our highest attention.
(www,xinruico,com,   skype: xinrui-carbide)

Quantity 100000
Package Size various size
Gross Weight/Package 8g/pc
Packaging Details in plastic box, 10pcs/box
Port Chinese main port
Min Order 10pcs
Country of origin China

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