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Pphitop is on Astec power supply, model number: LPS253-CF


Many thanks to give us a chance to quote you.


Posted by Iris Zhang
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Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd
Address A4, 701, Shangfu Building, Dengliang Road
City & ZIP
Shenzhen 518054
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Company Profile PPHITOP is: A professional service provider of electronic parts: components, semi products and finished goods. Founded in Shenzhen, China in year 2002 and established a Hong Kong company in year 2005 to better serve rapidly growing international market shares. Involve in projects from aerospace, car, network, telecom, power system, medical control system to blue tooth, electronic consuming products etc. Provide flexible services on both standard products and custom-made products to satisfy customer variable needs. Your engineering team in China work from prototype stage to mass production to smooth and shorten the developing flow. We are your integrated one-stop core supplier with not only benefit from our wide range product lines but also with our professional technical support and proposals. Pphitop Core Business: Business Unit 1: 1. PCB: also on small quantity like 1PC 2. IC: Atmel, Microchip, NSC, ISSI, STMicroelectronics etc 3. Transformer, Relay, Connector, Led, Capacitor etc 4. Cable 5. LCD / LCM: on brand ones as well as on customed ones. Business Unit 2 1. Power Supply 2. Inverter 3. Dummy load 4. Contactor 5. Waveguide 6. Machine export 7. Camera 8. Diagnostic Tool
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Item Specifics LPS253-CF
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Item Code LPS253-CF
Category Electrical and Electronics/Power Supplies


Pphitop is on Astec power supply, model number: LPS253-CF
Many thanks to give us a chance to quote you.
Quantity 40
Package Size carton
Gross Weight/Package 3kg
Packaging Details carton
Port HK
Min Order 1
Country of origin PH

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LPS253-CF  Pphitop is on Astec power supply, model number: LPS253-CF   Many thanks to give us a chance to quote you.
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