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Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Poultry Antibiotics;Treatment and Prevention Poultry Mycoplasma Disease;Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder is Injectable

Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder, Injection of Soluble Powder, The Killer of Mycoplasma and Bacterial Disease

Product function: Spectinomycin Hydrochloride is an aminoglycoside antibiotics, with a static bactericidal effect, is an excellent quiescent bactericide.Compared with other antibiotics, Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Poultry Antibiotics is low cytotoxicity, high potency features, Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Poultry Antibiotics is the treatment of Gram-negative bacteria and mycoplasma infection preferred drug. It is Veterinary Drug of Injection.

Product feature: Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Poultry Veterinary Injection is using solid dispersion technology, So the Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Veterinary Soluble Powder is injectable.

Indication: Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Poultry Antibiotics is treatment and prevention Poultry Mycoplasma, E. coli caused by bacterial diseases. It is Veterinary Antibiotic Drug.

Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder


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