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Yanjun Hu

Contact Person:Yanjun Hu
Company:Hunan Meida Supply Chain Co.,Ltd
Address:RM335-340, Gaoqiao International Exhibition and Trade Center, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan, China
Country/Region Zip: 410000 China
Customersbamboo fiber tableware, bamboo fiber bowls, Degradable Coffee cups, bamboo fiber plates, bamboo fiber cups, compostable tableware
Company Profile:With the environmental protection deeply rooted in nowadays. Bamboo,Website:, as one of the Four Gentlemen has through thousand years prosperity. It combined technological extraction with the high temperature of corn starch and appears in a new wonderful form at the table and home. This is the most healthy and environmentally bamboo fiber products which providing by Hunan Meida Supply Chain Co.,Ltd. Bamboo fiber tableware is the Persistence and hard work results of Meida's adherence for environmental protection and health over the years. Our group members unwilling to be the existing market followers and will never stop to discover the way of creation. We can promise all bamboo fiber products adhere without any chemical addition: green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable. Our products owned many kinds of professional and international certifications such as FDA(Food and Drug Administration), SGS degradable testing, SIGMA dishwasher testing and anti-mildew testing and etc., and also got a long term cooperation partner of IKEA to provide the reliable products source with choice for thousands of consumers. Our group not only just created the brand but also committed to providing solid product back force and value-added service for the household products brands. This is the values of Meida.
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Bamboo Dish Set

We are known as a professional bamboo fiber manufacturer specialized in bamboo fiber tableware with 100% compostable,reusable and recyclable feature,which has no harm to human body and the nature.O

Hunan Meida Supply Chain Co.,Ltd

2019.08.15 Bamboo Dish Set

Bamboo Eco Mug

As a professional bamboo fiber factory,we’d like to introduce our bamboo fiber er eco-friendly water mug with you. It's green credentials are impeccable:biodegradable, and free of BPA and no

Hunan Meida Supply Chain Co.,Ltd

2019.08.15 Bamboo Eco Mug

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