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Contact Person:lihuaprinting
Company:Lihua Group
Address:No. 1777, Ying Bing West Road, Kunshan
Country/Region Zip: Suzhou
Telephone: 023-68661366
CustomersNorth America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania,Asia, etc.
Company Profile:"Lihua Group designs and manufactures packaging solutions for many of the world's most recognizable brands. Our products include premium rigid box, folding carton, and corrugated packaging, as well as molded fiber and paper pulp. Our products are widely used for consumer electronics, cosmetics, food, wine, and luxury goods. Lihua Group consists of four factories in China, one factory in Vietnam, and two design centers in Taiwan and the United States. We use the highest quality materials and processes to make exceptional products. To accomplish this, Lihua Group has assembled the best manufacturing equipment from around the world, including Japan, Germany, Italy, and Taiwan. As a responsible business partner, the Lihua Group will manage and execute the development and production of your packaging project from design, to production, to timely delivery. At the same time, we ensure that our products will comply with your quality requirements and social standards."
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  • Attractive Food Packaging Box
  • Cell Phone Packaging Box
  • Coffee Packaging Box
  • Cosmetic Packaging Boxes
  • Cosmetics Molded Pulp Trays

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Packaging and Printing Service

Cosmetics Molded Pulp Trays

As china professional paper packaging company,we can design and manufacture bamboo and bagasse

Lihua Group

2019.07.17 Cosmetics Molded Pulp Trays
Packaging and Printing Service

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

How important is a beautiful cosmetic box:Packaging is used for almost everything in our daily life. Cosmetic box refers to the outer packaging of some cosmetic and skincare products, s

Lihua Group

2019.07.17 Cosmetic Packaging Boxes
Packaging and Printing Service

Coffee Packaging Box

With the improvement of living standards, coffee is one of the most common drinks in our life. Many young people are willing to drink one or more cups of coffee every day due to the pressure of wor

Lihua Group

2019.07.17 Coffee Packaging Box
Packaging and Printing Service

Cell Phone Packaging Box

There are a variety of cell phone brands on the market, and each brand packaging has its own characteristics. But the same is, these boxes generally have brand logos, product names, product photo a

Lihua Group

2019.07.17 Cell Phone Packaging Box
Packaging and Printing Service

Attractive Food Packaging Box

Custom food package, with the shiny and colorful outlook, easy to carry, make this kind of package attractive, not to mention the insider foods, you will enjoy the delicious food everywhere if you

Lihua Group

2019.07.17 Attractive Food Packaging Box

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