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Sam Li

Sam Li

Contact Person:Sam Li
Address:75 Maiden Lane - Suite 808 New York, NY 10038
Country/Region Zip: New York United States
Telephone:718 554-3271
Fax:718 360-5137
Company Profile:"For over 45 years, HLP Klearfold has been the clear plastic packaging market leader. We are the world’s largest and most accomplished clear plastic box manufacturer. In addition to producing clear plastic boxes, HLP Klearfold is a leading provider of custom thermoforming, clear plastic sleeves, clear plastic tubes and rounds, and other clear packaging innovations like our Klearfold "
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  • Custom Thermoforming / Blister Pack
  • Hair Care Packaging
  • Consumer Electronics Packaging
  • Klearfold Keeper Clear Packaging System
  • Soft Crease® Scoring

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Plastic and Rubber Processing

Soft Crease® Scoring

We are the world leader in radio frequency (RF) creasing. While other methods produce clear plastic packaging&nb


2019.06.14 Soft Crease® Scoring
Plastic and Rubber Processing

Klearfold Keeper Clear Packaging System

When production volumes don't justify the investment in injection molding tools, our patented Klearfold Keeper clear packaging system offers distinctive structural designs, similar to InSight,


2019.06.14 Klearfold Keeper Clear Packaging System
Plastic and Rubber Processing

Consumer Electronics Packaging

Today's buzz is tomorrow's buzzkill. Consumer demand in the digital age couldn't be more fickle or short-lived. One sure way to excite prospects is to be transparent in your packaging.


2019.06.14 Consumer Electronics Packaging
Publishing and Printing

Hair Care Packaging

The secret to more sales in hair care is allure. Brands promise it through an array of natural ingredients and delivered benefits. But it really begins with visual


2019.06.14 Hair Care Packaging
Plastic and Rubber Processing

Custom Thermoforming / Blister Pack

HLP Packaging manufactures stand-alone thermoformed packaging, like plastic blister


2019.06.14 Custom Thermoforming / Blister Pack

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