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Jacob Chen

Jacob Chen

Contact Person:Jacob Chen
Company:HUIMU Industrial
Address:No.266 Liujiang Road, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, 325604
Country/Region Zip: 325604 China
CustomersManufactory Wholesale
Company Profile:HUIMU Industrial is a world supplier of Solid State Relays, Solid State Moudles and Rectifiers. Our products are widely applied to various fields for more than 20 years, such as communications, manufacturing, automotive, home appliances, lighting control systems, computer control systems, remote control systems and etc. Our senior management has collectively more than 60 years of experience in the production and development of solid state relay fields. We have a wealth of experience in OEM and ODM. With the help of powerful electronic design software Altium Designer (Protel), and Pads, our technical team can provide customized services for solid state relays to meet the diverse needs of customers. Our services include online consult & tech support, stocking arrangements, inventory updates, and of course service with a smile. We have extremely diverse product lines that meet the needs of almost all electronic and electrical equipment. Every component of the product comes from Global Reliable Suppliers, which allows us to only provide high quality products. Under the advanced ERP and OA management system, we can follow up the progress of each order in real time, and analyze the big data to ensure that the goods can be handed over within the agreed time. Every product will be 100% tested before delivered. Visit our website to better know us: Or feel free to get quick help by email:

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Corporation/Limited Liability Company

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US$101 Thousand - US$500 Thousand
41% - 50%

Factory Information

  • GJ-5FA-L
  • MGR-1A4840
  • JGX-3F

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 Solid State Relay (also known as SSR, SS Relay, SSR relay or SSR switch) is an integr

HUIMU Industrial

2018.12.11 JGX-3F


 Solid State Relay (also known as SSR, SS Relay, SSR relay or SSR switch) is an integr

HUIMU Industrial

2018.12.11 MGR-1A4840


Solid State Relay (also known as SSR, SS Relay, SSR relay or SSR switch) is an integrated contactless electronic switch device that is compactly assembled from an integrated circuit (IC) and discre

HUIMU Industrial

2018.12.11 GJ-5FA-L

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