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Infant TPE Resuscitator

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Mr Huang

Contact Person:Mr Huang
Company:Wood Yellow Inc.
Address:3F, No.155, Sec. 2, San-Ho Rd., Sanchong Dist
Country/Region Zip: New Taipei City Taiwan
Company Profile:Established in 1981, Wood Yellow Corporation Ltd. has earned a reputation for excellence in customer's satisfaction, product knowledge, and on-time deliveries. We are one of the leading professional latex free resuscitation products, oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, airway management devices and other products & accessories. All our products are with ISO13485/CE0434 certified and USA FDA/GMP, We design exports, plastic injection line, assembly line, quality system to ensure us consistent quality products and meet the market. If you need any further information, please feel free to let us know directly, we will contact with you immediately.
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Factory Information

  • Reusable Nebulizer Mask Kit  AT-3669A
  • Laryngoscope Kit  AL-1001
  • Guedel Airway  AT-8040
  • Manikin Face Shield  AM-001
  • TPE Face Mask  AR-6605
  • Medical Humidifier  AT-4002
  • Pediatric Adjustable Cervical Collar  AI-1007
  • Infant TPE Resuscitator  AR-7189
  • Venturi Mask Kit  AT-5608
  • COMFY VAC Handheld Suction Unit  AU-031

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Medical equipment and stuffs

COMFY VAC Handheld Suction Unit AU-031

Athena handheld suction unit is manually powered and is designed to be operated by one person unaided for clearing patient's airway at home or for field use where there is no electrical power s

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 COMFY VAC Handheld Suction Unit  AU-031
Medical equipment and stuffs

Venturi Mask Kit AT-5608

Athena offers two options of Venturi Set ~ Multi VentAir Entrainment Mask Kit and Venturi Mask Kit.Multi Vent Air Entrainment Mask Kit comes with an all-in-one diluter mask where oxygen conce

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Venturi Mask Kit  AT-5608
Medical equipment and stuffs

Infant TPE Resuscitator AR-7189

Athena single-use manual resuscitators come in three sizes - Adult, Child and infant, each can match different size mask and reservoir bag, all are latex free. The bags are all identical to reusabl

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Infant TPE Resuscitator  AR-7189
Medical equipment and stuffs

Pediatric Adjustable Cervical Collar AI-1007

Pediatric Adjustable Cervical Collar (3 settings)The soft cervical collar helps to stablize the cervical spine or neck when there has been a recent injury, pain or surgery. Adjustable height

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Pediatric Adjustable Cervical Collar  AI-1007
Medical equipment and stuffs

Medical Humidifier AT-4002

Athena humidifier is a single-patient use product designed for long term durability. With 350ml capacity, it comes with 3PSI or 6PSI audible safety pop off alarm and a quad nut connector. Its clear

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Medical Humidifier  AT-4002
Medical equipment and stuffs

TPE Face Mask AR-6605

AR-6605    #5 TPE mask for large adult    80pcs/caseAR-6604    #4 TPE mask for small adult    80pcs/caseAR-6603   &

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 TPE Face Mask  AR-6605
Medical equipment and stuffs

Manikin Face Shield AM-001

Disposable plastic face shield with a low resistance filter that fits over manikin face. In addition to disinfection, it offers inexpensive extra barrier rotection for students sharing a manikin.

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Manikin Face Shield  AM-001
Medical equipment and stuffs

Guedel Airway AT-8040

Designed for maintaining unobstructed oropharyngeal airway during general anaesthesia and in unconscious patients. Smooth rounded edges minimize tissue trauma and robust bite block preve

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Guedel Airway  AT-8040
Medical equipment and stuffs

Laryngoscope Kit AL-1001

Laryngoscope Kit in carry bagLaryngoscope is a medical device used to obtain a view of the vocal folds and the glottis, which is the space between the cords. This Laryngoscope Kit features li

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Laryngoscope Kit  AL-1001
Medical equipment and stuffs

Reusable Nebulizer Mask Kit AT-3669A

Reusable child nebulizer mask with bottle & O2 tubingnebulizer mask comes in adult and child sizes. It is made of soft and clear plastic and has elastic strapfor added comfort. Nebu

Wood Yellow Inc.

2018.01.09 Reusable Nebulizer Mask Kit  AT-3669A

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