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Company Profile:21food is one bilingual website both in English and Chinese that focuses on business-to-business marketplace only for the food industry. 21food own the fastest growing online traffic and great search engine rank with tens of thousands of members from more than 220 countries. 21Food.comís visitors include exporters, importers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and researchers from around the world.
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canned food

Is Egg Nog Produced From Eggs?

Egg nog is actually a libation typically served throughout the vacation season in between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. It's made from cream or milk, egg yolks and sugar. Individuals


2013.01.08 Is Egg Nog Produced From Eggs?
Processed Food

Diverse Types of Chutney

Chutney is a condiment of Indian origin, but is eaten in distinct variations in many countries within the globe. The substances, textures and flavors of various chutneys fluctuate greatly. They


2013.01.08 Diverse Types of Chutney
Bakery Items

Bakery Meals With Sweet Aroma

Nowdays, whilst prepackaged and frozen foods dominate the retail grocery market, bakeries provide a different choice and broad variety of tasty treats. Almost everyone has skilled the pleasant s


2013.01.08 Bakery Meals With Sweet Aroma
Sugars & Sugar Confectionary

Really should I Eat Honey?

Honey is among natures miracle sweeteners. It all begins with bees and flowers, when bees consume pollen off the plants. The advantages go beyond its excellent taste. It really is a terrific alt


2013.01.08 Really should I Eat Honey?
Processed Food

How To Tenderize Meat?

The tenderness of the piece of meat is determined by many different circumstances which are largely outside the management in the average purchaser purchasing in the supermarket. Tenderizing mea


2013.01.08 How To Tenderize Meat?
Cigarette & Tobacco

Results Of Tobacco To Human Body

Tobacco use is the major preventable reason for illness, disability, and death in the Usa. In accordance with the Centers for Condition Control and Prevention (CDC), Annually, an estimated 126 m


2013.01.08 Results Of Tobacco To Human Body

Egg Goods Superiorities

Eggs are cheap, easy to find, and, depending on what side of the debate you happen to be on, nutritionally useful. They may be 1 of nature's most nutritious and cost-effective foods. On the


2013.01.08 Egg Goods Superiorities
canned food

Canning Meat Instructions

Meat is the most beneficial amoung all of the meals every single year. And within our hurry-scurry world, it is so handy to have the well-packed, pre-cooked and tender meat correct on the shelve


2013.01.08 Canning Meat Instructions

Frozen Vs. Fresh Vegetables

With regards to fresh vs. frozen, fresh, locally grown vegetables are finest. However, Freezing can be a quick and easy approach to preserve vegetables for a lot of months without appreciable lo


2013.01.08 Frozen Vs. Fresh Vegetables
Fruit and Vegetables

Is actually a coconut A Fruit?

A coconut could be the fruit in the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera. The distinctive flavor of coconut helps make it a very popular meals, along with a broad variety of factors are produced with co


2013.01.08 Is actually a coconut A Fruit?
Fruit and Vegetables

An Apple A Day

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." It is a saying we've all noticed ahead of, and it's also happens to possess a great deal of evidence backing it up. Although this could


2013.01.08 An Apple A Day
Nuts & Kernels

Tidbits About Sunflower Seeds

No matter whether you eat them as a snack, place them inside a salad or use them as animal feed, sunflower seeds are as versatile because they are unusual. Lots of people eat sunflower seeds bei


2013.01.08 Tidbits About Sunflower Seeds
Nuts & Kernels

Why Do People Like Pistachio Nuts?

Today's society is growing far more health conscious than ever prior to. With this latest health boom, the pistachio nut is a rising star. A 1992 health care research, the "Adventist He


2013.01.08 Why Do People Like Pistachio Nuts?
Fruit and Vegetables

Fuji Apples Tips

Fuji apples have been created in Japan within the 1930s and also have been rising in popularity because then. A relative newcomer towards the apple planet, the Fuji apple has swiftly grow to be


2013.01.08 Fuji Apples Tips

Are You Acquainted With Cauliflower?

A lot of people are familiar with cauliflower as among individuals vegetables your mom always tried to obtain you to eat. But there exists possibly rather somewhat that you simply never learn ab


2013.01.08 Are You Acquainted With Cauliflower?
Processed Food

Desiccated Aoconut Information

Desiccated coconut, or dried coconut, is coconut meat which has been shredded or flaked after which dried to remove as much moisture as possible. The flesh is grated and after that dried at high


2013.01.08 Desiccated Aoconut Information
Nuts & Kernels

How To generate Boiled Peanuts?

Peanuts might be counted as an exceptionally nutritional foods, and boiled peanuts provide more well being advantages than raw or roasted varieties. They're a prevalent snack meals in the so


2013.01.08 How To generate Boiled Peanuts?
Processed Food

Sodium Alginate Fact Sheets

Sodium alginate is a merchandise of alginic acid, which can be employed in the meals industry. This sodium salt is extracted as a gum from the cell wall from the algae. It's a lot of utilize


2013.01.08 Sodium Alginate Fact Sheets

Nutrition In Dehydrated Foods

Dehydrated fruit and veggies are found in several retail outlets as of late. Meals dehydration prevents the growth of microorganisms (enzymes) and bacteria. According to the University of Missou


2013.01.08 Nutrition In Dehydrated Foods
Plant Seed

An Extraordinarily Versatile Spic

Cumin is a flowering plant that has been grown as a spice considering that ancient times. The flowers of the plant are modest and may be either white or pink in color. It provides a small, compr


2012.12.10 An Extraordinarily Versatile Spic

Is Brown Rice Good for a Gluten-Free Diet?

Brown rice is rice which hasn't been hulled, leaving the outer layer of bran about the grain when it is sent to market. It's extensively known as a staple food in lots of diets throughou


2012.12.10 Is Brown Rice Good for a Gluten-Free Diet?

Meat and Bean Products

All foods made from meat, poultry, fish, dry beans or peas, eggs, nuts, and seeds are regarded as a part of this group. All these meals are higher in protein and other vitamins like iron, zinc a


2012.12.10 Meat and Bean Products
Fats, Oils & Waxes

Why Peanut Oil Is Great For Cooking?

Peanut oil, which can be known as groundnut oil inside the United kingdom, is really a very desirable oil for deep-frying. Peanuts are believed to become originating in Central American region f


2012.12.10 Why Peanut Oil Is Great For Cooking?

Can Oolong Tea Lose Weight?

Oolong tea has a lengthy background, however is still comparatively unknown in the West since it takes a back seat for the common green tea, and has usually been known as "blue-green tea&qu


2012.12.10 Can Oolong Tea Lose Weight?

The Excellent Mung Bean Benefits

Mung beans, little green legumes, are native to hot and humid atmospheres in India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia. They've got knowledgeable interest in foods and health circles above the late


2012.12.10 The Excellent Mung Bean Benefits

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