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Elle Lin

Elle Lin

Contact Person:Elle Lin
Company:Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd
Address:No. 11, Building 14, Huadong Industrial Product Wholesale Market, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China (Mainland)
Country/Region Zip: Zhangzhou&363000
CustomersNorth America Western Europe Eastern Europe Africa Southeast Asia Oceania Mid East
Company Profile:Bozhong (Zhangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangzhou , Fujian Province. We are professional manufacture of abrasive tools,polishing material ,machinery and parts.Our product range is very wide,they are widely use in stone,metal and stainsteel cutting,grinding and polishing.Such as cutiing disc,falp wheel,falp disc,grinding wheel,diamond wheel,diamond saw blades,polishing pad,packing machinery,coding machine and so on. Our products have obtained German MPA Quality Certificate and SGS. We cooperate with many famous universities and institutes to research and develop new products for our customers. Our products are well sell in homeland and overseas markets,such as the USA, Germany, Japan, the UK, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and other countries. We have been a stable supplier to many world famous power tools companies for many years. Our company holds the principle of "Quality in Mind, Service at Heart". We carry out strict quality control and tracing policy, including vendor monitoring. Please contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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Ownership & Capital

Ms.Xiufen Wu
US$501 Thousand - US$1 Million
Corporation/Limited Liability Company

Trade & Market

North America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Western Europe

North America
41% - 50%

Factory Information

5,000-10,000 square meters
No. 189, Lianyu Road, Anyi County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China
In House
5 - 10 People
11 - 20 People

ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

OEM Service Offered

  •  Super Thin Cutting Wheel
  •  Depressed Center Grinding Wheels
  •  Abrasive Tool for Cuting Stainless
  • High Quality Abrasive Disc
  •  Flexible Grinding Wheel
  • Fiber Reinforced Resin Cut-off Wheel
  • Non-woven Abrasive Belt
  •  Sanding Sponge Paper
  •  Grinding Wheel For Needle Point
  •  Zirconia Flap Wheel
  •  Quick Change Disc
  • Diamond Flexible Discs
  • Graphite Grinding Wheel
  • Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs
  • Fiber Discs
  •  Round Sanding Paper
  •  Plane Sanding Wheel
  • Wool Polishing Wheel
  • High Speed Back Hold For Car Waxing
  • Velcro Abrasive Disc

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Velcro Abrasive Disc

Velcro disc is made of flannel coasted on the abrasive paper or cloth backing,it can be punched to circular ,triangle,or other special is easy to

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Velcro Abrasive Disc

High Speed Back Hold For Car Waxing

Application: Used with sponge polishing pad to polish and wax car body for removing oxidation.

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 High Speed Back Hold For Car Waxing

Wool Polishing Wheel

The wood polishing wheel is especially apply to grinding mirror surface,stainless steel, irons, stones, timber curving and grinding of common metal surface.

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Wool Polishing Wheel

Plane Sanding Wheel

Features: Suitable for grinding all kinds of material

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Plane Sanding Wheel

Round Sanding Paper

The sanding per is applicable to eliminating rust of ship ,rubbing of cement,fiberglass,common metal and other metal. This sanding paper is

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Round Sanding Paper

Fiber Discs

Features: Fiber backing ,duble resin binder,aluminium oxide or black silicon carbide,closed coated

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Fiber Discs

Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs

1.Consistent grinding and finishing performance. 2.Excellent performance and efficiencies on stainless and carbon steel applications.

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs

Graphite Grinding Wheel

New technology and additives of graphite are adopted to make the graphite grinding wheels,which mainly used for mirror face grinding. The w

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Graphite Grinding Wheel

Diamond Flexible Discs

Features: Diamond abrasive material,used together with water.good flexiblity and excellent efficien

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Diamond Flexible Discs

Quick Change Disc

1.Manufactures containing a woven fabric imbedded in the nylon structure of the non-woven fibers. 2.Providing additional strength and durab

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Quick Change Disc

Zirconia Flap Wheel

Application: The zirconia flap wheel is mainly used for grinding and polishing autombile ,shipbuilding,light in

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Zirconia Flap Wheel

Grinding Wheel For Needle Point

1.The grinding wheels for needle point are mainly used for grinding medical needle point. 2.They have strength and have good used effect. 3.

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Grinding Wheel For Needle Point

Sanding Sponge Paper

Features: 1.High performance.

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Sanding Sponge Paper

Non-woven Abrasive Belt

Features: The special butt joint minimi the effect of vibration caused by the joint travel

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Non-woven Abrasive Belt

Fiber Reinforced Resin Cut-off Wheel

1.The cut-off wheels reinforced by fiber are mainly used for cutting various metals and non-metals.

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 Fiber Reinforced Resin Cut-off Wheel

Flexible Grinding Wheel

1.The flexible grinding wheels have obtained certification of MPA German safety system.

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Flexible Grinding Wheel

High Quality Abrasive Disc

1.This abrasive disc has highest toughness and durability 2.The cutting wheel mainly for cu

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11 High Quality Abrasive Disc

Abrasive Tool for Cuting Stainless

This cutting disc is made from good quantity abrasive has high hardness, the edges of the grain are sharp and of excellent cutting performance. It's mai

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Abrasive Tool for Cuting Stainless

Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

1.Depressed center wheels are mainly used for cleaning welds and removing burrs and rough edges in the autombile, ship-building, mechanical and metallurgica

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

Super Thin Cutting Wheel

1.This cutting wheel is made from fiber glass and resin as reinforcing cutting wheel. 2.It

Bozhong(Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd

2012.07.11  Super Thin Cutting Wheel

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