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Krishna Reddy(2011-12-19 19:04:38)
Dear Mr. Eddy Park, We are looking for used oil refinery with 30000 BPD capacity. The Project ======== The KBC Group of Companies and the partners have secured in Principal approval to incorporate commercially and economically viable 30,000-35,000 BPSD “Integrated Refinery” in Africa. Feed and the products ================ The refinery will be based on Thar-Jath Crude Oil having 20.3 API (or Nile Blend having API 34.5). The proposed refinery configuration will ensure the supply of the following finished products: Fuel Gas: For utilisation at commercial hotels and small scale ======= industries. LPG: For utilisation as cooking gas in residences, commercial hotels === etc. Gasoline (Petrol & Diesel): For automotive use =================== Jet Fuel: For aviation sector ====== Kerosene: For utilisation as cooking oil in residences, small and ======= medium scale industrial use etc. Fuel Oil: For small, medium and large industries and power sector ====== Constraints ======== The Equipment should be able to process the Crude with following constraints, if not suggest alternative solution. Crude has over 30% wax content Thar-Jath Crude Oil having 20.3 API OR Nile Blend having API 34.5 Time estimate =========== The Estimated Time for Completion from the date of provision of all clearances, project site and the availability of project finance is: 10-12 months (to commence stage wise commissioning activities). What is required ============ We need a suitable 2nd had refinery that meets the feed, product requirement and management of wax content We need a suitable process consulting organisation that will asses the refinery, make require modifications and execute the same as EPC contractor. We have a local contracting company to provide required assistance to you. Please indicate the quoted price for the refinery and indicate the quote for the "Scope of Services" that you can provide i.e. shipping, installing or turnkey solution. Thanks & Regards, Krishna KBC-Aldini

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