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Metallic Materials


The size of Cu-al clad sheet effects on the electrical properties

Cu-al clad sheet high conductivity has relation with some factors, how to set the appropriate parameters can achieve the best

0 (#0) 97 2013.08.29 The size of Cu-al clad sheet effects on the electrical properties
Metallic Materials


Function of Cu-al clad metal plate

Cu-al clad metal plate is designed as a replacement of new copper row conductive material, the outer layer is copper, the in

0 (#0) 113 2013.08.29 Function of Cu-al clad metal plate
Metallic Materials


Offset Roller

Offset rollers play an important role in modern graphic industry, including web-offset and sheeted offset. To ensure high-quality output and long durability, high resistances to heat, abrasion,

0 (#0) 112 2013.08.21 Offset Roller
Metallic Materials


Expander Roller

  Expand roller or banana roller whose appearance is similar to banana, is composed of an arc shaft and an abrasion-proof rubber sleeve. It is extensively used in textile machi

0 (#0) 91 2013.08.21 Expander Roller
Metallic Materials


Rice Rubber Roller

  Rice rubber rollers are widely used in rice processing Rice rubber rollers in white NBR and aluminum drum

0 (#0) 87 2013.08.21 Rice Rubber Roller
Metallic Materials


Impact Roller

Impact roller, a kind of rubber-coated conveyor roller, mainly consists of steer axle, impact discs coated by natural rubber and support rings which prevents discs slide. Rubber disc is manufact

0 (#0) 82 2013.08.21 Impact Roller
Metallic Materials


Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant

Spring cone crusher has a much longer history than recent hydraulic cone crusher and gain reputation as a result of its high performance in rock contracting, huge capacity and cost effectiveness

0 (#0) 107 2013.08.16 Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant
Metallic Materials


Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher is often used as basalt crusher, iron ore crusher and other stone crushers for secondary and fine crushing of hard and very hard materials. It is increasingly accepted by

0 (#0) 78 2013.08.16 Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Metallic Materials


Jaw Crusher Series PE

Jaw crusher is an optimum primary crusher of a typical crushing circuit. Large feed opening and force-feeding allows for huge capacity which can meet most requirements of primary and secondary c

0 (#0) 88 2013.08.16 Jaw Crusher Series PE
Metallic Materials


Jaw Crusher PEW

Similar to jaw crusher PE, jaw crusher PEW is also an ideal equipment of primary crushing. The most prominent point is that it is designed with unique technology and materials for high productiv

0 (#0) 107 2013.08.16 Jaw Crusher PEW
Metallic Materials


Mobile Cone Crusher Plant

Mobile cone crusher plant is an integration of crushing process and it can move to anyplace especially where is hard to access for heavy equipment. This cone crusher plant mainly contains belt c

0 (#0) 116 2013.08.16 Mobile Cone Crusher Plant
Metallic Materials


Hand Guillotine

Hand guillotine shear is an ideal manual shear for very thin metal sheet cutting. Its body frame is fabricated by optimum mild steel while the blade uses high quality tool steel like manganese s

0 (#0) 82 2013.08.13 Hand Guillotine
Metallic Materials


Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

Hydraulic swing beam shear is a frequently used shearing machine in sheet metal cutting. Whole welded structure, hydraulic transmission, high mechanical strength and good rigidity contribute to

0 (#0) 88 2013.08.13 Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear
Metallic Materials


Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

  Hydraulic guillotine shear is another frequently used shearing machine is metal processing industry. Owing to its outstanding productivity and low noise, hydraulic guillotine

0 (#0) 79 2013.08.13 Hydraulic Guillotine Shear
Metallic Materials


Mechanical Guillotine

Mechanical guillotine is another popular guillotine shear in metal fabricating industry. Its whole welded steel structure, compact construction, light weight and small footprint make it versatil

0 (#0) 69 2013.08.13 Mechanical Guillotine
Metallic Materials


Treadle Guillotine

Treadle guillotine shear, a kind of manual guillotine, is ideal for fast shearing of thin metal sheets less than 2mm in thickness. Treadle guillotine employs spring to transfer manual power to d

0 (#0) 77 2013.08.13 Treadle Guillotine
Metallic Materials


Rare Earth NdFeB permanent magnet

  Characteristics   NdFeB permanent magnet is based on IMC (intermetallic compound) RE2FE14B. T

0 (#0) 52 2013.08.13 Rare Earth NdFeB permanent magnet
Metallic Materials


Frosted polycarbonate sheet

  Do you want a romantic and comfortable home? If the answer is yes, you could ask for help from frosted polycarbonate sheet.   Frosted polyc

0 (#0) 79 2013.08.10 Frosted polycarbonate sheet
Metallic Materials


Embossed polycarbonate sheet

  Embossed polycarbonate sheet is an edition of solid polycarbonate sheet. It is manufacture by changing processes and part of molds. Apart from light transmission, pc embossed

0 (#0) 81 2013.08.10 Embossed polycarbonate sheet
Metallic Materials


Corrugated polycarbonate sheets

  Corrugated polycarbonate sheets feature corrugated surface and self-supporting structure. Self-supporting structure requires less glazing bars decreasing total load of the gr

0 (#0) 53 2013.08.10 Corrugated polycarbonate sheets
Metallic Materials


Solid polycarbonate sheet

  Solid polycarbonate sheet is superior to hollow polycarbonate sheet in light transmission and impact strength. Hence, it is especially suitable for the applications where lig

0 (#0) 57 2013.08.10 Solid polycarbonate sheet
Metallic Materials


Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets with multiple walls enhance performances of thermal insulation and impact strength, and are available in various profiles.Multiwall polycarbonate sheet inherits li

0 (#0) 57 2013.08.10 Multiwall polycarbonate sheet
Metallic Materials


Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet

Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet, a standard version of multiwall polycarbonate sheet, is self-supporting without requiring as many grazing bars as floating glass, for the weight of polycarbonate s

0 (#0) 70 2013.08.10 Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet
Metallic Materials


BOPP Metallized film

Bopp metalized film 1). Thickness: 10um~50um 2). Maximum Width: 1300; 3). Length: 3000m~7000 m/roll    

0 (#0) 57 2013.08.09 BOPP Metallized film
Metallic Materials


Deep Corrugation

AS we all know, versatile structural plates are extensively applied all through the world for their economical cost, lightweight, simple installation and longest durability. The strength of CSP

0 (#0) 44 2013.08.07 Deep Corrugation