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Metallic Materials


Industrial Hose

  Industrial hose is also known as industrial rubber hose. It’s one hose that used as connector in all kinds of equipment for industries. Compared to hard hoses, industri

0 (#0) 49 2013.07.31 Industrial Hose
Metallic Materials


Display racks - ideal choice for laundry room, kitchen or closet


0 (#0) 48 2013.07.19 Display racks - ideal choice for laundry room, kitchen or closet
Metallic Materials


Wall Mount Hose Reel

  The device can be fixed or mounted both parallel and perpendicular to the wall. The surfaces are power coated in order to have a long service life.

0 (#0) 160 2013.07.18 Wall Mount Hose Reel
Metallic Materials


Fire Hose Reel

  Fire hose reel is designed to work with firefighting equipment to combat with fire. It is very helpful and irreplaceable to firefighters. There are two kinds of fire hose ree

0 (#0) 153 2013.07.18 Fire Hose Reel
Metallic Materials


Retractable hose reel

In gardens or other places that used hoses, the problem of hose storage is annoying. Our retractable hose reels provide highly efficient, convenient and economical solutions for the disturbing t

0 (#0) 142 2013.07.18 Retractable hose reel
Metallic Materials


Water Hose Reel

  Our water hose reel is suitable for supplying water in heavy duty industries, fire hose as well as kitchens. Its unique material of hose makes it popular to many people in th

0 (#0) 154 2013.07.18 Water Hose Reel
Metallic Materials


Air Hose Reel

Air hose reels are applied in workshops and garages for storing air hoses. They work in -40 degree Celsius to 121 degree Celsius and pressure 10 bar.

0 (#0) 151 2013.07.18 Air Hose Reel
Metallic Materials


Garden Hose Reel

  Garden hose reels are the metal or plastic equipment which widely used for rolling garden hoses up and for the use of next time in a safe and neat way. They are designed to a

0 (#0) 158 2013.07.18 Garden Hose Reel
Metallic Materials


Rubber brake hose

  According to the material

0 (#0) 197 2013.07.17 Rubber brake hose
Metallic Materials


China road fence manufacturers

  Product Description

0 (#0) 163 2013.07.17 China road fence manufacturers
Metallic Materials


perforated metal

We supply perforated sheet completely as customers' ask 

0 (#0) 47 2013.07.16 perforated metal
Metallic Materials


Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets


0 (#0) 356 2013.07.14  Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets
Metallic Materials


Polyurethane Air Hose

Polyurethane air hoses have two forms: the straight and spiral types providing a superior coil memory and excellent flexibility and durability

0 (#0) 78 2013.07.13 Polyurethane Air Hose
Metallic Materials


PVC Air Hose

PVC air hoses are made of materials of general and premium PVC. They weigh lighter than rubber hose and can withstand in the low temperature of cold winter.

0 (#0) 72 2013.07.13 PVC Air Hose
Metallic Materials


Rubber Air Hose

Rubber air hoses are especially used for rugged and flexible applications for shop, garage, industry, home, and other uses in working pressure of 300psi.

0 (#0) 85 2013.07.13 Rubber Air Hose
Metallic Materials


Air Compressor Hose

Air compressor hoses are suitable for air tools and compressors in the working pressure of 10bar to 40bar, and the temperature of -30 to 80 degree Celsius.

0 (#0) 75 2013.07.13 Air Compressor Hose
Metallic Materials


Air Brake Hose

Air brake hoses are durable and flexible used for buses, trucks and automobiles air brake systems. The ID is from 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch.

0 (#0) 50 2013.07.13 Air Brake Hose
Metallic Materials


Pre-packed screen

Pre-packed screen provide excellence se

0 (#0) 48 2013.07.02 Pre-packed screen
Metallic Materials


Bridge Slot Screen

Bridge slot screen features bridge-like

0 (#0) 214 2013.07.02 Bridge Slot Screen
Metallic Materials


Perforated Pipe

Perforated pipe or perforated casing is

0 (#0) 42 2013.07.02 Perforated Pipe
Metallic Materials


Pipe-based Wire Wrapped Screen

  Pipe-based wire wrapped screen is another ve

0 (#0) 54 2013.07.02 Pipe-based Wire Wrapped Screen
Metallic Materials



  Wedge wire screen, a rod-based wire wrapped

0 (#0) 43 2013.07.02 manufacturer
Metallic Materials


Wire Wrapped Screen

  Wire wrapped screens are typically placed ar

0 (#0) 58 2013.07.02 Wire Wrapped Screen
Metallic Materials


Slotted Liner

  Slotted liner is a robust and effective devi

0 (#0) 42 2013.07.02  Slotted Liner
Metallic Materials


Magnesium alloy

Magnesium alloy is mainly used for desulphurization pretreatment in molten iron can be used in special and rare metal smelting 

0 (#0) 91 2013.05.31 Magnesium  alloy