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Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Peanut

We are an import and export corp. providing chinese peanut and other native produced products. Interested please be free to contact us for further details. Lin Foo

0 (#0) 252 2006.05.08 Sell Peanut
Fruit and Vegetables


Canned Pineapple

We are Thai exporter and general foods merchandiser. We are pleased to offer the most competitive with finest quality of Canned Pineapple. The products are origin of Thailand, in various types such

0 (#0) 318 2006.11.22 Canned Pineapple
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Hibiscus Sabdariffa L.

Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. is a new kind of food industry material ,its calyces can be made into sweetmeat,jam,advance beverage,tea ,beer and champagne etc.It full contain vitamine C ,and also good nutr

0 (#0) 285 2006.12.13 Sell Hibiscus Sabdariffa L.
Fruit and Vegetables



We offer on Ex Factory Drama,North Greece, basis. (For F.O.B.Thessaloniki,North Greece prices you will have to add EURO 400/20’’or EURO 600/40’’container.) -Tomato paste,28-30 in abou

Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Dried Shiitake

Here we want to introduce us as XIAMEN JIAJIAN FOOD CO.LTD.we are a lead supplier of dried mushroom in XIAMEN.Our main market is Japan and Korea,our main product is as follows: Dried white flour(o

0 (#0) 241 2006.09.22 Sell Dried Shiitake
Fruit and Vegetables


Canned Fruits & Vegtables

ForeignTradeMarketing Servicing The Institutional Food Trade Since 1976 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Morning: We have inte

0 (#0) 395 2006.06.28 Canned Fruits & Vegtables
Fruit and Vegetables


CANNED FOODS (Quality Investment Under Your Own Private Label)

Dear Sirs or Madam, We can invove you in the following Canned Food items of quality and value for export: Canned Vegetables (mixed or individual) Canned Fruit (mixed or indiviual) Canned Mea

0 (#0) 308 2006.06.29 CANNED FOODS (Quality Investment Under Your Own Private Label)
Fruit and Vegetables


100% Natural Pomegranate Juice.

This juice can be supplyed in 0.33l; 0.75l and 1l bottles. Any type of labelling can be used. Quantity up to 100 20ft containers per year. For more informationt please contact us.

0 (#0) 687 2006.11.18 100% Natural Pomegranate Juice.
Fruit and Vegetables



Dear Sirs, We are offering Dehydrated White Onions in all forms like Kibbled, Minced,Granules, Powder, chipped, Garlic Flakes, Garlic Cloves,Powder etc, Products are processed as per internationa

Fruit and Vegetables


Annatto Seeds & Semen Cassia Torea

Dear Sir, If you are importing / buying ANNATTO SEEDS & SEMEN CASSIA TOREA, please let us know to offer best prices. We can offer you both the items from India & as per your requirement for Pa

0 (#0) 812 2006.10.01 Annatto Seeds & Semen Cassia Torea
Fruit and Vegetables


Horticulture Produce

Pourtney Enterprises is an export oriented project that can supply fresh oyester mushroom,potatoes,lettuce,red cabbage,carrots,garlic as well as most fresh vegetables as and when required.We are abl

0 (#0) 586 2006.09.12 Horticulture Produce
Fruit and Vegetables


Iranian Dates

We have good possibility to supply Iranian "SHAHANI" Dates, any interested Company contact me. rgds

0 (#0) 330 2006.12.03 Iranian Dates
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Tomato Paste With Brix 28-30

Dear sir: we can offer the large quantity tomato paste as the following specification: Brix:28-30 ,process :hot break lycopene>45mg/100g,HMC2.0, PH:4.2+/-0.2 Shelf life:24 months after produ

0 (#0) 246 2006.07.02 Sell Tomato Paste With Brix 28-30
Fruit and Vegetables


Lotus Seeds

Originating in Guangchang of Jiangxi Province, one is large and round, the color is like the congealed fat, stew slightly and is familiar with promptly, has stewed and has not melted for a long time

0 (#0) 310 2006.03.20 Lotus Seeds
Fruit and Vegetables


Tea Tree Mushroom

It is selected from Guangchang of Jiangxi, its flavor , in the handle particularly, strong and moderate, the smell is fragrant , very special, is a kind of high protein, low fat, collect and eat it

0 (#0) 255 2006.04.02 Tea Tree Mushroom
Fruit and Vegetables



Dear Sirs, We are in market, looking for major distributors, deparmental stores and big shops as buyers of PICKLES, PASTES & CHUTNEY. Origin of material - INDIA. Application

0 (#0) 453 2006.06.14 PICKLES, PASTES & CHUTNEY.
Fruit and Vegetables


Canned Mandarin Orange

Canned Mandarin orange (in light syrup) Ingredients: Mandarin oranges segments, water, sugar 3000Gx6INGS (D.W=1700G): WHOLE 850GX24TINS (D.W=400G): WHOLE 425GX24TINS (D.W=230G): WHOLE/P&S 312GX

0 (#0) 283 2006.11.26 Canned Mandarin Orange
Fruit and Vegetables


Canned Vegetables And Canned Fruits, Jams, Juices

We are manufacturer of canned Artichoke Hearts Marinated Artichoke hearts Sweet red pimientos Apricots halves Peaches halves Pear halves Fruits cocktail Mandarin orange segments fruits jam

0 (#0) 393 2006.11.14 Canned Vegetables And Canned Fruits, Jams, Juices
Fruit and Vegetables


FRUIT IN SYRUP (Orange, Fig, Pineapple, Peach, Pumpkin)

From: Brazil Product: FRUIT IN SYRUP Packaging: 200 ml / 600 ml / 3,550 ml Validate: 2 Years Package for boarding: Box with 48 units for 200 ml Box with 15 units

0 (#0) 360 2006.09.28 FRUIT IN SYRUP (Orange, Fig, Pineapple, Peach, Pumpkin)
Fruit and Vegetables


Raw Peanuts, Blanched Peanuts, Roasted Peanuts, Fried Peanuts

Specialize in providing Various of peanuts (groundnuts) Products:Raw peanuts(in shells, kernels), blanched peanuts kernels, Roasted peanuts in shell,fried & salted peanuts kernels,etc. Welcome for

0 (#0) 306 2006.12.24 Raw Peanuts, Blanched Peanuts, Roasted Peanuts, Fried Peanuts
Fruit and Vegetables


Yellow Corn

CORN Yellow or White corn is available from various origins. Large quantities of yellow and white corn grade 2 ,3 for human and animal consumption. Minimum order is 12.500 MT We need se

0 (#0) 541 2006.03.11 Yellow Corn
Fruit and Vegetables


Sheanut And Sheabutter

We are major exporter of shea butter from ghana of high quality for personal and cosmetics industries use.

0 (#0) 419 2006.01.18 Sheanut And Sheabutter
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Fresh, Frozen, Dried Mushrooms, Wild Berries Best Prices High Quality, Gourmet Taste And Flavou

TOP INVEST GROUP from Romania are looking reliable parteners for joint venture cooperation in wild mushrooms bussiness.we want to extend our bussiness through useful help of our future suitable part

0 (#0) 503 2006.11.29 Sell Fresh, Frozen, Dried Mushrooms, Wild Berries Best Prices High Quality, Gourmet Taste And Flavou
Fruit and Vegetables


Fresh Ginger, Girlic And Onoins

We have fresh ginger, girlic and onions for sale. Interested buyer should contact us for further details.

0 (#0) 377 2006.11.27 Fresh Ginger, Girlic And Onoins
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Yellow Peaches

Now we can supply yellow peaches in light syrup including halves, slices and dices packing in 420g,850g and 3000g.

0 (#0) 230 2006.09.04 Sell Yellow Peaches