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Fruit and Vegetables


Offer freeze-dried papaya

Guangxi Endu High-tech Co.,Ltd.

0 (#0) 0 2009.02.02 Offer freeze-dried papaya
Fruit and Vegetables


Desiccated Coconut

0 (#0) 1215 2008.12.31 Desiccated Coconut
Fruit and Vegetables


Onion, Shallot, Indonesia's Onion, Java's Onion, Bawang Merah, Bawang Jawa

Available size: 3-4 cm, 4-5 cm, 5-6 cm. Fresh Shallot.

0 (#0) 1774 2008.12.21 Onion, Shallot, Indonesia's Onion, Java's Onion, Bawang Merah, Bawang Jawa
Fruit and Vegetables


IQF Broccoli

IQF broccoli, natural and pure broccoli, without impurities2.size1-2cm:2-4cm, 4-6cm, 3-5cm or according to your order, 3.package:1kg*10/CTN, 10kg/CTN, 25kg/sack or according to your order.

0 (#0) 620 2008.12.19 IQF Broccoli
Fruit and Vegetables


IQF Lotus Roots Slice

1. SlicesDiam. 30-50mm, 50-70mm, 70-90mmThickness: 8-10mm2rangiri cutsSpecification: 70-75g / pcs3. Quarter cutsL: 25-35mm, thickness: 10-12mmPacking: 20x500g, 1x10kg /

0 (#0) 554 2008.12.19 IQF Lotus Roots Slice
Fruit and Vegetables


IQF water chestnut

IQF water chestnut slices Dia:2-4cm, 4-6cm Thickness:5mm Packing:

0 (#0) 606 2008.12.19 IQF water chestnut
Fruit and Vegetables


fresh fuji apple

1)Red color,high sugar content,tender and crisp flesh 2)Size:1.10kgs/ctn:24,28,32,36,40,44pcs        2.20kgs/ctn:80,88,100,113,1285,138,150pcs

0 (#0) 419 2008.11.27  fresh fuji apple
Fruit and Vegetables


organic noodle

All of our products are certified by certification body IMO_Switzerland,

0 (#0) 765 2008.11.05 organic noodle
Fruit and Vegetables


Pomegranates from India

Hello,   We are exporters from India, we supply Deep red quality "Bhagwa" variety of Pomegranates, MRL tested as per EU standards, GlobalGap

0 (#0) 923 2008.10.15 Pomegranates  from India
Fruit and Vegetables


Fresh Thompson seed less Grapes

We are Exporting Fresh Thompson seed less GRAPES from India, Green, Red and Black Seed Less, Interested buyer send me his requirement soon. Thanks

0 (#0) 767 2008.09.16 Fresh Thompson seed less Grapes
Fruit and Vegetables


Supply Apple Juice Concentrate,puree

0 (#0) 788 2008.08.05 Supply Apple Juice Concentrate,puree
Fruit and Vegetables



Apple Red Fuji AppleIndefinitely packagingFine quality.Bulk Quantity.

0 (#0) 690 2008.07.30 apple
Fruit and Vegetables



GingerYellow ginger,ginger extraction Fine quality.Bulk Quantity.

0 (#0) 648 2008.07.30 ginger
Fruit and Vegetables



PotatoPotato,potato flavor Fine quality.Bulk Quantity.

0 (#0) 646 2008.07.30 Potato
Fruit and Vegetables



GarlicFresh garlicDried garlicBulk quantityFine qualityOrignated from Shandong ,China

0 (#0) 624 2008.07.30 onion
Fruit and Vegetables



GarlicFresh garlicDried garlicBulk quantityFine qualityOrignated from Shandong ,China

0 (#0) 578 2008.07.30 garlic
Fruit and Vegetables


mixed vegetables

the mixed vegetables is very delicious,it is imposed of sweet corn ,carror stripand green peas.of course ,our products have good quality and competitve price,please contact me,thank you.

0 (#0) 725 2008.07.22 mixed vegetables
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Freeze-dried green pea

0 (#0) 986 2008.07.03 Sell Freeze-dried green pea
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Freeze-dried carrot cube

0 (#0) 863 2008.07.03 Sell Freeze-dried carrot cube
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Freeze-dried sweet corn

0 (#0) 822 2008.07.03 Sell Freeze-dried sweet corn
Fruit and Vegetables


Sell Freeze-dried yellow onion dice

0 (#0) 808 2008.07.03 Sell Freeze-dried yellow onion dice
Fruit and Vegetables



NAME  Punica Granatum PROPERTIES  The pomegranate reduces arterial plaque , reduces systolic blood pressure , and reduces LDL cholesterol .

0 (#0) 884 2008.04.25 POMEGRANATE
Fruit and Vegetables



NAME  Fragaria ananassa PROPERTIES  Strawberries are rich in phyto-nutrients. They are powerful antioxidants which allow ce

0 (#0) 783 2008.04.25 HYDROPONIC STRAWBERRY
Fruit and Vegetables


Pineapple MD 2

NAME  Ananas Sativus PROPERTIES  The pineapple fruit has vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes that is good f

0 (#0) 827 2008.04.25 Pineapple MD 2
Fruit and Vegetables



NAME  Rubus idaeus

0 (#0) 836 2008.04.25 RASPBERRY