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Clear Sheet Glass

Sheet glass also called Glaverbel glass, plate glass, it is made by mix high-quality sand, soda ash, dolomite and other chemical materials into glass furnace by

0 (#0) 41 2014.05.29 Clear Sheet Glass


FRP grating plate

FRP grating plate is a new style construction material, its main materials are resins and fiberglass, have anti-slip, corrossion-resistant, lightweight and strong strength, long life etc. charac

0 (#0) 35 2014.03.10 FRP grating plate


Outdoor Safty Glass Railing


0 (#0) 38 2014.03.03 Outdoor Safty Glass Railing


3D Fiberglass Faric

    Description                  &n

0 (#0) 57 2014.02.17 3D Fiberglass Faric


FRP Panel / Tile

frp ( fiberglass reinforced plastics) panel could be flat, color strip,wall panel, crape, e-solar and sunlight illumination panel in variable shapes and thickness 0.6-2.5mm, width 500-1400 mm an

0 (#0) 48 2014.02.11 FRP Panel / Tile


5m artificial coconut tree

  Item No.

0 (#0) 84 2013.10.08 5m artificial coconut tree


Fiberglass roofing tissue

Fiberglass roofing tissue(

0 (#0) 104 2013.09.05 Fiberglass roofing tissue


Silicon coated fiberglass cloth

Silicon coated fiberglass cloth,it is high temperature-resistant,ventilate-resistant and is very soft and tenacious.Silico

0 (#0) 125 2013.09.04 Silicon coated fiberglass cloth


Fiberglass mesh used in the floor heating system

The fiberglass

0 (#0) 118 2013.09.04 Fiberglass mesh used in the floor heating system


Fire resistant fiberglass mesh

It is woven by C-class fiberglass yarn and coated with fireproof latex.Such product is very soft,flexible,fire retardent,a

0 (#0) 108 2013.09.04 Fire resistant fiberglass mesh


Fiberglass self-adhesive mesh


0 (#0) 123 2013.09.04 Fiberglass self-adhesive mesh


fiberglass adhesive tape

  Fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape is made of high quality fiberglass ,and it has high performance of alkali resistant,corrosion resistant,flexility and high tensile strength b

0 (#0) 59 2013.08.07 fiberglass adhesive tape


fiberglass mat

  Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat is an non-woven E or C-glass fiberglass fabric manufactured by spreading continuous filament roving of 50mm in length randomly and uniformly in co

0 (#0) 55 2013.08.07 fiberglass mat


fiberglass window screening

Material: fiberglass Weaving and craft: plastic-coating, plain weaving and high temperature-fixing.

0 (#0) 100 2013.08.05 fiberglass window screening


fiberglass mesh

  It has excellent properties like high alkali-resistance,good cohesion,flexibility,tensile stength,etc.coated fiberglass mesh can be widely used in wall heat reservation system,

0 (#0) 55 2013.07.16 fiberglass mesh


SMC water tank panel-SMC water tank panel mould price

mould base:S50C,S55C/customized mould cavity&core:P20,45C/customized mould life guarantee:150,000shots machine: CNC Milli

0 (#0) 111 2013.05.14 SMC water tank panel-SMC water tank panel mould price


FRP rebar

  With glass fiber or basalt as the reinforced material, pultrusion resin and auxiliary agent for cemen

0 (#0) 71 2013.04.16 FRP rebar


rectangular tube, H Beam, Channel, Angle for electrical and telecom construction

  fiberglass channel, handrails, rectangular tube, square tube, H beam, Angle Beam, Durability and stability mean lower maintenance and a safer environment for all you

0 (#0) 105 2013.04.13 rectangular tube, H Beam, Channel, Angle for electrical and telecom construction


fiberglass telecommunications antennae and towers

  telecommunications antennae and towers Antenna Fiberglass Radome, fiberglass, RF-transparent radome fiberglass radomes for transportation industries, MMDS

0 (#0) 82 2013.04.13 fiberglass telecommunications antennae and towers


fiberglass lighting pole

  We provide garden/home/yard lighting poles, also the utility pole as well as street lighting pole, power pole.

0 (#0) 88 2013.04.13 fiberglass lighting pole


FRP/GRP skylight corrugated panel

XTF Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP)Skylights corrugated panels are designed and manufactured provide compresensive long service life span with maintenance free in all industrial and commercia

0 (#0) 281 2013.01.26 FRP/GRP skylight corrugated panel


FRP/GRP sandwich panels

Shenzhen Xin Tong Feng Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)Co., Ltd. Composite FRP/GRP sandwich panels are lightweight laminated materials, proven concept of cored sandwich construction to with

0 (#0) 196 2013.01.26 FRP/GRP sandwich panels


fiberglass arrow shaft

  specifications          hunt arrow: 4.5*6.2*762mm,5*7*775mm,6.2*7.5*762mm , 6.6*7.82/7.92*762mm,    

0 (#0) 124 2012.11.13 fiberglass arrow shaft


Alkaline-resistance Fiberglass Mesh

Lucky Sign Fiberglass mesh is on the basis of C-glass or E-glass woven fabric, then coated by acrylic acid copolymer liquid.   --Fiberglass

0 (#0) 238 2012.09.29 Alkaline-resistance Fiberglass Mesh


good quality concrete fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass Mesh is woven by fiberglass yarns, then alka

0 (#0) 195 2012.08.29 good quality concrete fiberglass mesh