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Electronic Instrument


programmable timer switch

1.Intelligent and digital LED timer  2.1~4 channels, programmable and arbitrary combination and arbitrary output

0 (#0) 73 2013.07.10 programmable timer switch
Electronic Instrument


Digital Multimeter DT9205


0 (#0) 101 2013.07.05 Digital Multimeter DT9205
Electronic Instrument


All Types of Potentiometers

Alps, Alpha, Clarostat, PEC, Allen Bradley, Servo, Tocos, Panasonic, Gibson, Honeywell, Noble, Bourns, Vishay, Spectrol, Beckman, Ibanez, Peavey, Ohmite, Omeg, Sfernice, AB, Bias, Contelec, Me

0 (#0) 61 2013.06.24 All Types of Potentiometers
Electronic Instrument


Series JZS engine oil regeneration system

Application: Series JZS engine oil regeneration system is mainly for regenerating the waste engine oil, this equipment can effective separate water, gas, particles, d

0 (#0) 56 2013.06.20 Series JZS engine oil regeneration system
Electronic Instrument


Livestock scale

    The design is unique, and the doors are opposite with locks   The surface adopts paint with excellent corrosion resis

0 (#0) 43 2013.05.28 Livestock scale
Electronic Instrument


broadcast tower

  MEGATRO broadcast tower are, typically, tall structures designed to support telecom accessories with 

0 (#0) 56 2013.05.14 broadcast tower
Electronic Instrument


tower accessories

  MEGATRO provides a wide range of accessories to meet your needs for mounting equipment to the to

0 (#0) 61 2013.05.14 tower accessories
Electronic Instrument


guyed tower

  MEGATRO's guyed towers are secured with a pivot base and can reach heights up to 1,100 feet.

0 (#0) 54 2013.05.14 guyed tower
Electronic Instrument


monopole tower

  MEGATRO provides a monopole constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel. Monopole towers use a minimal 

0 (#0) 55 2013.05.14 monopole tower
Electronic Instrument


substation structure

  Substation is a high-voltage electric system facility. It is used to 

0 (#0) 46 2013.05.14 substation structure
Electronic Instrument


wind turbine

  MEGATRO is now offering different types of wind generators with competitive price, which including&nbs

0 (#0) 69 2013.05.14 wind turbine
Electronic Instrument


camouflage tower

    MEGATRO provide every type of camouflage tower to satisfy customer needs for different climat

0 (#0) 44 2013.05.14 camouflage tower
Electronic Instrument


power transmission line tower

  MEGATRO fabricates every structure from the ground up.  Our power transmission line steel towers&

0 (#0) 44 2013.05.14 power transmission line tower
Electronic Instrument



  MEGATRO provide Camouflaged monopole, also called "monopalm", There is often local opposition to&

0 (#0) 71 2013.05.14 monopalm
Electronic Instrument


microwave telecommunication towers

  Microwave Telecommunication Towers MEGATRO deals in fabrication, galvanization, erection and maintenance 

0 (#0) 46 2013.05.14 microwave telecommunication towers
Electronic Instrument


10 in 1 steam mop


0 (#0) 103 2013.05.08 10 in 1 steam mop
Electronic Instrument


single circuit transmissoin tower

  A single-circuit transmission line carries conductors for only one circuit. For a 

0 (#0) 52 2013.05.06 single circuit transmissoin tower
Electronic Instrument


tilt towers

  Tilt tower Tilt tower also name tilt over tower, is design use for wind turbine (150

0 (#0) 48 2013.05.06 tilt towers
Electronic Instrument


radio antenna mast

  Radio antenna mast  Antenna is an electrical device which converts 

0 (#0) 49 2013.05.06 radio antenna mast
Electronic Instrument


TV tower

  TV towers are, typically, tall structures designed to support 

0 (#0) 52 2013.05.06 TV tower
Electronic Instrument


substation gantries

  Substation is a high-voltage electric system facility. It is used to&nbs

0 (#0) 44 2013.05.05 substation gantries
Electronic Instrument


termination tower

  A special kind of a dead-end tower is a termination pylon. Also called a terminal tower.&nbs

0 (#0) 41 2013.05.05 termination tower
Electronic Instrument


tension tower

  A transmission tower is a tall structure, usually a 

0 (#0) 50 2013.05.05 tension tower
Electronic Instrument


AECL AHT - Temperature, Humidity, CO2 meter / transmitter


0 (#0) 148 2013.05.03 AECL AHT - Temperature, Humidity, CO2 meter / transmitter
Electronic Instrument


Money counters,currency counters,banknote counter detectors,skype:bst-fushida

  skype:bst-fushida eml:bstfuhsida(a)gmail.com web:www.fushida.hk tel:86-755-86006265 mobile:86-132

0 (#0) 59 2013.05.03 Money counters,currency counters,banknote counter detectors,skype:bst-fushida