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Utilized the domestic and foreign technique and innovatively designed, the filter has a good ratio of price-performance. With the advantages of high working vacuum, high filtration speed, oil quality protection, the filter advanced the oil treatment technique and equipment performance and once can raise the puncture voltage up to over 35V. The series products can be installed by sealed regular or movable with a trailer, so it is suitable to treat oil, fill oil in vacuum chamber and circulating dry hot-oil when large transformer is being installed and overhauled.
Moreover, we can also provide customers with three-stage high-vacuum oil-filter so as to get higher vacuum and to meet your higher requirement for oil-treatment.

Features of product
1. This series have one pot with two-stage vacuum-segregating space, it come into being different pressure so as to keep oil line balance between two stages.

2. The pump of this product is adopted vacuum-pump imported from Europe, which have preceding level in the world, and with high air pump speed so as to get high working vacuity.

3. As the new technology, vacuum-segregating (Patent No. ZL200420061085. 6) employs particular spinning disk and stainless steel machine with dehydration and air pump so that enlarge the area of segregating and coming to three-dimensional evaporation.

4. Using new type of heating equipment (Patent No. ZL02276238. 8), it can reduce heating burthen and extend oil life.

5. Oil level control adopt photoelectric way which the main components is imported from Switzerland and have features of sensitive control, exactitude so much as feel the spume of oil, mount the equipment to prevent superhigh and superlow oil level. Spurting oil phenomena is never appeared. (Spurting prevention Patent No. ZL200420060973. 6)

6. As the client's requirement, they could choose equipment which their components were all or partly imported from overseas. Include touching screen and flow gauge is can be selected according to customers. This series could meet different kinds of customer's need.

7. It equips filter assemblies imported from U. S. A. and it has large filtering area, strongly absorbent-dirt capability, high filtering precision.

8. Whether clients choose the oil pump from domestic or abroad, they all must be airproofed by our factory, moreover running without noise and leakage. extended oil life.


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Company Profile China Hangyu Oil-Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd., a hi-tech joint-stock enterprise, located in Chongqing hi-tech industrial development zone, has an area of 21 mu and an annual output value of 6o million yuan of oil-Purifier and apparatus. It is a competitive hi-tech company in the world, specialized in oil-Purifier researching and manufacturing. ISO9001 certified in 1999, it is engaging in supplying various fields with advanced, reliable and suitable vacuum oil-Purifier, special oil-Purifier and special petroleum product purification system. It strives to be a manufacturing enterprise with oil processing equipment up to international advanced level. It is also a distinguished assorted enterprise with heavy machinery whose products further sold to large and medium-sized companies in electric power, petrol-chemistry, metallurgy, machinery, military industry and other fields.

The company has led the world in producing oil-Purifiering material, manufacturing oil-Purifiering equipment and designing special system by pursuing technical progress and specialized development according to the concrete situation.

In the marketing field, the company, with the idea of truth-seeking, continues to develop the sales work based on serve and technological progress and offers unique products, special service and technology to the lubrication management and filter technological progress in different fields.

Main Products: DYJC Turbine Oil Purification Apparatus, ZJA Double High Vacuum Oil-Purifier, ZJB Single-Stage Vacuum Oil-Purifier, ZJC-T Turbine Oil-Only Vacuum Oil-Purifier, ZJC-R Lubricating Oil-Only Vacuum Oil-Purifier, ZJC-R Lubricating Oil-Only Oil-Purifier, KYJ Fire-Resistant Oil Oil-Purifier, Various Explosion-Proof Oil-Purifier, ZZ Vacuum Oiling Machine, LY Frame Oil-Purifier, TL Portable Oiling Machine, etc
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