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YT-01 Methylcyclopentadiene Manganese Tricarbonyl(MMT)Ⅰ. Introduction:Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl has many advantages such as it can increase the gasoline octane number,Website:, reduce the auto tail gas discharge effectively, has high efficiency and low use-cost and so on. As an unleaded gasoline antidetonator. It has reached the international similar products level and has a high fame in the domestic and also in abroad.Chemical name:Methylcyclopentadiene Manganese TricarbonylChemical molecular formula:C6H7Mn(CO)3Molecular Weight:218Existent state:Room temperature for liquid (as picture represents)Ⅱ. Technical index:ItemsUnitsIndexes  YT-0198%62%AppearanceOrange liquidOrange liquidManganeseweight,%24.415.1Density(20℃)g/ml1.381.11Boiling point℃232179/212Freezing point℃-1-30Flash point℃8240SolubilityGasolineMixing solubleMixing solubleChemicalcompositionMMT, %>98>62Other supplementary liquids, %<2<2Ⅲ. Antiknock principle:Methylcyclopentadiene Manganese Tricarbonyl can be decomposed into small particles of active manganese oxides, owing to their facial function, these small particles effectively incorporate with those super oxides already existed in the engine, which reduces the concentration of the super oxides before combustion, meanwhile cuts a part of chain reaction, then delays the automatic lighting time, reduces the burning speed, and strengthens the fuel antiknock function.Adding a certain amount additive in the liquid product, its function principle: it can raise the light stability of the main antiknock additive content In the meantime, after the gasoline burning, additive can help to put metals oxide produced by the main antiknock additive burned outside of the derivation machine, promote gasoline burning completely; reducing the tail gas pollutants exhaust, reducing the burnable room to accumulate carbon, raising a product comprehensive usage function.Ⅳ. Functions:1. Boost the octane number of gasoline.2. Increase engine driving power, decrease its oil consumption.3. Better soluble abilities with MTBE and ethanol.4. Reduce disposal of pollutants in automobile tail gas.5. Improve octane number function to the waste gas cat of the automobile.6. Improve operating of oil refining.7. Increase the flexibility of the gasoline concoction.Ⅴ. Packing, Storage and usage:1. Packing: Packed in 200L zinc iron plating pail, net weight 200 kg/pail, or packed in specially made storage tan 5 T, 10 T per tank or as required.2. The storage request: Storage at cool, dry and ventilation conditions, far away from the fire source.3. Operation method: Methylcyclopentadiene Manganese Tricarbonyl is directly blending into the gasoline by pro ratio.


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Xi’an Yiteng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd
Address Room 31906, Second Section of Fortune Plaza, Gao Xin 3 Road, High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
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Company Profile Xi’an Yi Teng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fuel additives,Website:, refinery additives and wastewater treatment agents.
Our company locates in Xi'an, a beautiful city, an ancient city, a cultural center of Northwest of China. We have 30 specialists and more than 50 technicians, and we invested 60 million yuan and established factory covering about 6700 sq.m with 1000 sq.m workshop. Our factory is equipped with 10 sets of major chemical equipments such as gas chromatography analysis machine, spectral analysis machine.
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