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We have tropical hard woods like sapelli,padouk (african),Iroko,Bubinga,Sipo,Walnut(African) and many others for sell in logs and Sawn in any specified dimension.For any detials contact us.


Posted by Ndeley Williams
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Address 254 Washage Biyemassi,Yaounde
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Company Profile CAMEROON TIMBER FOREST EXPLOITATIONLTD is a progressive company producing excellent hardwood lumber. It was founded in 1981. As one of the largest Timber company sawmill facilities in West Africa base in Cameroon, Holly wood's success has come from its commitment to providing quality services and products to its customers.OUR MISSION
Our mission is to provide our customers with fine hardwoods of superior quality at a fair price, allowing us to prosper as a business, contribute to our community, and provide for our employees. We support wise and proper harvesting of timber, to insure the continued existence of our forests for those who follow behind us.

gbemisola timber lumber nig ltd transforms trees into lumber with great care to preserve the wood's best qualities of strength, grain, and beauty. We are not just selling wood, we're selling the makings for homes, furniture, cabinets. Items that become families' prized possessions. That's a whole lot more than wood.

We specialize in the production of:
?All African Hardwoods, Both Green and Kiln Dried, including
Name Scientific name bellow .

Abura Mitragyna ciliata
Afara Terminalia superba
Afrormosia Pericopsis elata
Afzelia Afzelia spp.
Agba Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum
Alstonia Alstonia spp
Andoung Monopetalanthus spp.
Antiaris Antiaris spp.
Asanfona Aningeria spp.
Ayan Distemonanthus benthamianus
Berlinia, red Berlinia spp
Blackwood, African Dalbergia melanoxylon
Bubinga Minor Copaifera salikounda
Canarium Canarium schweinfurthii
Cedar, pencil (softwood) Juniperus virginiana/J. procera
Celtis Celtis spp.
Cordia Cordia millenii
Cottonwood Bombax spp.
Dahoma Piptadeniastrum africanum
Danta Nesogordonia papaverifera
Denya Cyclicodiscus gabunensis
Ebony Diospyros spp.
Ekki / Azobe / Kaku West Lophira alata
Fromager Ceiba pentandra
Gombe Didelotia spp.
Guarea Guarea cedrata / Guarea thompsonii
Hyedua Guibourtia ehie
Idigbo / Emeri / Framire Terminalia ivorensis
Ilomba Pycnanthus angolensis
Iroko / Odum / Mvule Milicia excelsa
Izombe Testulea gabonensis
Kokoti Anopyxis klaineana
Kosipo / Omu Entandrophragma candollei
Koto Pterygota spp
Latandza Albizia ferruginea
Lati Amphimas spp.
Limbali Gilbertiodendron spp.
Longui Chrysophyllum africana
Mahogany Khaya ivorensis
Makarati Burkea africana
Makore Tieghemella heckelii
Mansonia Mansonia altissima
Muhimbi Cynometra alexandri
Muhuhu Brachylaena hutchinsii
Muninga Pterocarpus angolensis
Mutenye Guibourtia arnoldiana
Niangon Heritiera utilis
Niove Staudtia stipitata
Odoko Scottellia coriacea
Ogea Daniellia spp.
Okoume Aucoumea klaineana
Okwen Brachystegia spp
Olon Fagara heitzii
Opepe/ Kussia Nauclea diderrichii
Padauk Pterocarpus spp.
Panga Panga Millettia stuhlmanii
Sapele Entandophragma cylindricum
Sterculia, red Sterculia rhinopetala
Tali Erythrophleum spp
Tchitola Oxystigma oxyphyllum
Teak, Rhodesian Baikiaea plurijuga
Tiama / Edinam / Entandrophragma angolense
Cedu nohor
Utile / sipo Entandophragma utile
Walnut, African /dibetou Lovoa trichilioides
Wawa / Samba / Obeche / Ayous Triplochiton scleroxylon
Wenge Millettia laurentii

?Export Lumber
_Export in slab and burl timber
?Export Logs
?Quarter Sawn Lumber

We produce and sell saw-timbers (lumber).

- and other.
Softwood -
Hardwood -


Mr Ndeley Williams
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