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Lithium tri-sec-Butylborohydride

Molecular formula LiBH[CH(CH3)CH2CH3]3

CAS No. 38721-52-7

Technical index
1mol Tetrahydrofuran solution.


Posted by Lisa Liu
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Jinan Wedo Industrial Co.,Ltd
Address No.36, Gongyenan Road.,Jinan, Shandong,Chi
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Company Profile Jinan Wedo Industrial Co., Ltd is one large chemical company which is professional in R&D, producing and trading Pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and fine chemical products.
WEDO has two big produce bases for medicine raw materials and chemical products. In addition, through cooperation with some famous universities, one powerful R&D center is built, which continues to develop competitive new production. Meanwhile, We build steady friendship with many world famous correlative companies, such as Qilu Petro Group, Daqing Petro Group, Germany BASF, DOW from the USA, Korean SK. WEDO owns importing & exporting license, while extensively expanding the domestic sales network, WEDO energetically explores international markets. The production is exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast, and Africa and so on.
Under rich experiences and excellent international reputation, WEDO now becomes a quite influential enterprise in China's chemical field. WEDO will firmly takes "faithfulness, high-quality, specialization, mutual-benefits" as company spirit, and adhere to realize ?we are professional, we do better?. WEDO sincerely look forward to establishing long good cooperation with our customers from all over the world.
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Product SpecificationsJinan Wedo Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mobile: +86-15098767855
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wedochemical at
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Contact: Lisa Liu
Add: No.36, Gongyenan Road.,Jinan, Shandong,China.
Industry Categorypharmaceutical raw materials
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CustomersAcia,Europe,North America,South America
Detailed Company Introduction
FOB Price & Port10000000
Packaging Details187
Our Team14
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