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to shape perfect plant type, regulate dual-directionally and add the number of branches
good effect on flowers and buds retention, with high output of bolls
to prevent diseases and premature senescence, up to high yield
Appearance: Brown liquid

Main technical data:

Amino acid






200L/barrel, 1000L/barrel
Key points o f planting and introduction


Key points of planting

Suggested dosage

Function and effect

Late period of seedling stage (with 6-7 leaves)

Enhance roots and seedlings, prevent diseases

Add 6-10 ml/acre or 3-5g /acre in 15kgs of water

To enhance roots and seedlings, shape directionally
To enhance ability of resistance to drought and waterlogging
To promote pollination, enhance budding earlier and more flowering
To prevent from verticillium wilt effectively. 

Bud stage

Control vigorous growth, prevent diseases and apply fertilizer in bud stage stably

Add 10-20ml/acre or 5-10g /acre in 15kgs of water

To promote thick leaves with deep color and compact plant type, control vigorous growth
To promote flowering and boll setting, prevent from abscission of buds and bolls.
To promote vegetative growth to transfer into reproductive growth quickly and produce more lateral branches, compact branches
To prevent from verticillium wilt effectively.  

Flowering stage

Control insect attack and diseases, prevent buds and bolls from abscission

Add 40-50ml/acre or 20-23g /acre in 15kgs of water

To promote more buds, flowers and bolls, prevent them from abscission
To adjust and shape perfect plant type, control vigorous growth, optimize canopy structure, delay closing of crops
To add more high-quality bolls and simplify the pruning in middle stage 

Earlier stage for bolls

Control insect attack and diseases, prevent buds and bolls from abscission

Add 40-50ml/acre or 20-23g /acre in 15kgs of water

To centralize flowers and bolls and increase the bolls by 15th, August
To control vigorous growth, delay the closing of crops, enhance the stability of cell membrane
To enhance the stress resistance of plants, reduce the height of plants, shorten the branches, control useless branches and buds  to grow
To avoid premature senescence, increase bolls in early stage and increase weight of bolls

Boll stage

Control insect attack and diseases, prevent buds and bolls from abscission

Add 50ml/acre or 25g /acre in 15kgs of water

To produce more and large bolls, realize that cotton trees are covered all over with bolls (reduce the bolls with bad quality, cover the trunks all over with bolls and cope with bolls in third August)
To avoid premature senescence

Boll opening stage

Control insect attack,  foliage top-dressing

Add 50ml/acre or 30g /acre in 15kgs of water

To promote photosynthesis, avoid premature senescence
The cotton field has nice aftereffect and ensure high output stably.



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