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(Test condition: 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25'C)
TypeSiliconParameters SW380-72
Mno-Crystalline Silicon
Maximum Power Watt 380
Module Efficiency: 15%-17%
Pron Toleranceductio +/-5%
Maximum Power voltage V 72+/-1.5
Maximum Power current A 5.43+/-0.27
Open circuit voltage V 83.6+/-1.5
Short circuit current A 6.0+/-0.29
size of modul (wide and high) mm 1600X1600X50
frame (typ, material and thigness) Anodised Al. alloy frame, 50mm thickness
cell manufacturer Suntech
number of cells 144
size of cells (wide and high) mm 125X125
Weight per piece (Kg) 40
type of junction box PV junction box(PV-JB001)
cable type and length,connector type 2mm2Double layer isolated cable
maximum system voltage 1000V
temperature coefficient of Isc +0.05%'C
temperature coefficient of Voc -0.34%'C
temperature coefficient of power -0.5%/'C
temperature coefficient of Im +0.05%'C
temperature coefficient of Vm -0.34%/'C
NOCT (Nominal operating cell temperature) -40"C ~ +90 'C
Insulation >=100MOhm
Voltage Standoff AC2000V, DC3000V
Wind Bearing 60m/s(200kg/sq.m)
Impact Resistance Hail Impact Test 227g steel ball fall down from 1m height
FF(%) 76
Quality guarantee 2 years product warranty and 25 years -20% of power

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Shenzhen Xinhonghua Solar-Energy Co., Ltd
Address 4F.Building 3, Tangtou RD Tangtou No 3 Ind
City & ZIP
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Company Profile Our company specializes in research, development, manufacturing and sales of solar pv modules ranging from 0. 03-380Wp and solar powered products. Such as: Laminated solar panel, flexible solar panel, fill-glue solar panel, solar light, solar epoxy resin technologic products, and so on.
Full sets of imported production equipments & technology have been used to produce different kinds of high efficiency crystalline photovoltaic modules and solar powered products by using mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline & amorphous silicon solar cells. We have professional r&d team and advanced testing equipments to provide perfect technical support.
We produce various solar pv modules, which are widely used in the field of navigation, aviation, and microwave repeater stations, advertising board, build lighting system for remote district & park and garden decorating. And the solar panel or small pv modules also widely used in the products of solar mobile charger, solar garden light, solar telephone booth, solar fans, and solar toys, etc.
We got ISO9001: 2000 and CE, and IEC 61215 approval.
Our aim is to bring new products to the market, produce the best quality and the most economic price of solar products, to satisfy our customers and end-users.
For convenience of clients from anywhere, and meet the needs of markets, our company can accept oem orders for all kinds of solar modules and solar powered products.
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Industry Categorysolar energy
Quality/Safety CertificationsIEC
Delivery Lead Timewithin 20days
Payment & Price TermsT/T
My OffersDear Manager:

We the leading manufatory of solar panel in China ranging from 0.03Wp to 300Wp with annual capacity 20MW.

Pls send us email if any interested.

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