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The test force is controlled by a shear pin, thus resulting in accurate test force, in accordance with the test method, and error <1%.

With test force F=1580kg, indenter diameter D=7.26mm, F/D2=30. The test condition of the PHB tester is equivalent to that of the standard Brinell hardness test with 3000kgf and 10mm ball indenter.

High precision, repeatability and reproducibility, error <2-3%

With three applications as bench, C Clamp and hammer impact hardness testers, it can test the workpieces of all sizes and shapes.

Operating easily and conveniently, testing fast.

Testing cost is low with only one cheap shear pin used in each test.

It is used to test the hardness of castings, forgings, steels, nonferrous metal and its alloys, and to test the hardness of annealed, normalizing and tempered metal materials.

Compared with the common-used rebound hardness tester, it has many advantages such as higher precision, fewer factors affecting accuracy and lower requirement on the surface roughness. The test result meets the requirements of most drawings without conversion and is more widely accepted in the international business.


Posted by Nicole Zhang
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Company Profile TX Testing Instruments founded in 1993 with 5.6 million registered capital and self-built factory of 4600m2, is a high-tech corporation with main feature of persistent new products development and specializing in manufacturing portable hardness testers.
The test principle and accuracy of TX hardness testers are all in comply with the requirements of applicable ISO standard. Our products are more superior similar products in craftsmanship and accuracy and have gained great reputation from the customers in many countries. All types of our Rockwell hardness testers have been tested by National Institute of Metrology and the errors are less than 1.5 HR, which meet the requirements of applicable ISO standards.
The original designs of TX, Magnetic Rockwell and Brinell & Rockwell hardness tester, with the same traditional Brinell and Rockwell testing method, can be applied to large and medium-size workpieces with high accuracy and repeatability, no cut sampling or vertical testing required. The magnetic hardness tester, which has high market application prospect and can replace the Leeb hardness tester with lower accuracy.
TX Hardness Testers have provided many unprecedented ways of hardness testing for on-site, quick and accurate testing on metal materials and metal parts, especially on large and extra-large workpieces.
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Product SpecificationsTest force: 1580kg;
Tolerance of test force: <1%;
Indenter: Φ7.26mm steel spherical surface indenter (range: 100-400HB)
Φ4.0mm carbide spherical surface indenter (range: 400-650HB)
Precision: In accordance with Standards ISO6506, ASTM E10
Opening size (H?D): 150mm?100mm
Net weight: Hammer impact: 0.8kg C clamp: 4.2kg Bench: 5.1kg
Gross Weight: 11.59kg
Packing Size: 700mm?210mm?375mm
Industry Categorytesting instruments
Quality/Safety Certifications
Delivery Lead Timeimmediately payment
Payment & Price TermsT/T FOB
My OffersPortable Rockwell hardness tester, Webster hardness tester, Portable Brinell&Rocwell hardness tester, Portable Brinell hardness tester, coating thickness meters, etc.
Product Portfolio / Other ProductsPortable Rockwell hardness tester, Webster hardness tester, Portable Brinell&Rocwell hardness tester, Portable Brinell hardness tester, coating thickness meters, etc.
Customersall over the world
Detailed Company Introduction
FOB Price & Port1million USD
Packaging Details110
Our Team3
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