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MD-6250 Gold Digger Metal Detector Industrial deep underground search gold metal detector 

Product Description

This  enhanced metal detector has all the depth and technology, including exclusive Target ID technology you need to make your treasure hunting adventures  exciting and very rewarding. Our series of detectors includes patented discrimination feature. This technology, found only on our detectors, features  two indicator scales that allow the user to see the detector`s discrimination setting (Lower Scale) as well as the analysis of each detected target (Upper Scale). They also include the highly acclaimed [6.5x9" PROformance searchcoil. This highly rugged, epoxy-filled searchcoil covers more ground per scan and offers greater depth to find those deeply buried  treasures. Underground Metal Detector,  Underground metal detector scanner,  deep underground metal detector.

Technical Parameters

Power 4X1.5V AA
Frequency 7.09KHz
Current "Static state:50mA
Voltage 6V
Sensitivity ">220mm(for 25US cent 
and 50US cent)"
Package Weight 2.60kg
Package Size 56*27.5*13cm
Indication Mode LCD mode;Sound Mode

Main Features

1. POWER Pushbutton (press and hold to reset to factory recommended settings), Underground Gold Detector.
2. Upper Scale-The Upper Scale, where the Target ID cursor is illuminated when hunting, consists of twelve (12) graphical segments for more precise Target ID and discrimination.

3. Coin Depth-Coin Depth is expanded to four (4) depth indicators including [2", [4", [6" and 8+ inches.  deep search underground gold detector. 

4. Sensitivity-The MD-6250 has eight (8) Sensitivity settings for more precise depth and target detection. Underground gold detector.

More New Control:
1. DISCRIM Pushbutton-Use the (+) or (-) DISCRIM pushbuttons to move the Target ID cursor to the left or right.
2. ELIM Pushbutton
3. PINPOINT Pushbutton
4. CUSTOM Mode
treasure hunting metal detector


Posted by PAUL SOONG
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Shenzhen Mama Security Technology Co., Ltd.
Address GuangdongShenzhenRoom 202, Building 11, Jingtian Road, Xintian Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua New District
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We are a professional large-scale supplier on security inspection industry, main products include X-Ray baggage scanner, walk through metal detector, handheld metal detector and Food metal detector, Under Vehicle Inspection mirror/ camera, Underground metal detector etc.

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. With convenient transportation advantage.

Aim at continuously improving product quality and always keep energetic on innovation.

During the passed several years, we exported large quantity of products to Europe, Mid-East and Africa, South American countries and South-East Asia.

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