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GDVA404 is unique multifunction instrument designed to meet the IEC60044-1, IEC60044-2, IEC60044-6 and C57.13 standards for performing excitation, ratio and phase error, polarity, secondary loop burden and coil resistance on current or voltage transformer. The instrument provides fully automatic testing and calibration for all types of low leakage flux current transformer and inductive voltage transformer. The maximum knee point voltage of sample CT could be reached 8.4kv.

The standards support byGDVA404 include IEC60044-1,IEC60044-2, IEC60044-6 and C57.13

The parameters calculated byGDVA404 are as follow:

1 CT/PT excitation curve and data

2 CT knee point voltage and current

3 CT accuracy limit factor

4 CT Instrument security factor

5 CT Ratio and phase error

6 CT/PT turns ratio

7 CT/PT turns ratio error

7 CT/PT polarity

8 CT/PT secondary burden

9 CT/PT coil resistance

10 CT saturation inductor

11 CT Unsaturation inductor

11 CT remanence factor kr

12 CT secondary loop time constant Ts

13 CT transient dimension factor Ktd

14 CT symmetric short current factor Kssc

15 CT peak instantaneous error

16 CT accuracy limit voltage

17 CT accuracy limit current

Technical index

1 Test standards:IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, GB1208, GB16847, C57.13

2 Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz±10%

3 Power output: 0.1~125V (AC)

4 Current output: 0.001~5A(RMS)

5 Power output:300VA

6 Current measurement:

Range:0~10A (automatically change range in 0.1/0.4/2/10A)

Error <±0.1%+0.01%FS

7 Voltage measurement:

Range:0~200 V (automatically change range in 1V/10V/70V/200V)

Error < ±0.1%+0.01%FS

8 Turns ratio measurement:

Range :1~10000,

1~1000 error<0.05%

1000~2000 error<0.1%

2000~10000 error<0.2%

9 Phase measurement: error:±2min,resolution:0.01min

10 Coil resistance measurement:

Range:0~8kΩ (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/800ohm/8kohm)

Error< 0.1%+0.01%FS

Maximum resolution:0.1mΩ

11 Temperature measurement:-50~100 Celsius degree, error<3 Celsius degree

12 CT Secondary burden:

Range 0~160ohm (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/160ohm)

Error <0.1%+0.01ohm

Maximum resolution 0.001ohm

13 PT Secondary burden:

Range 0~80kohm (automatically change range in 800ohm/8kohm/80kohm)

Error <0.2%+0.02%FS

Maximum resolution: 0.1ohm

14 Saved data groups:>1000groups

15 Work condition: Temperature:-10°C~50°C, moist:≤90%

16 Size:485mm×356mm×183mm

17 Weight: <13Kg


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Product SpecificationsUnique features

There are four items unique features inGDVA403.

1) Assessment for test results according to IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6 and C57.13. All assessment item and results would be listed on LCD.

2) 12.1 highlight LCD and touchpad for operation

3) Saved excitation curve compare with current excitation curve

4) Search excitation current by excitation voltage

5) Save data over 1000 groups
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