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Cyanuric acid  

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Cyanuric acid    



Applications:As the raw material for Iso-cyanuric acid chloride,paints;as the raw material for the production of sterilization,disinfection,bleaching ,weed killers and other chemical decontamination .

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Our main products are  Bronopol.DBNPA.HBCD.Carbohydrazide.4-(METHYLSULFONYL)BENZALDEHYDE.2,2-Bis[4-(2,3-dibromo-2-methylpropoxy)-3,5-dibrom.SodiumBromide.2-Cyanoacetamide.HBCD Masterbatch.DBNE .BDDP.Sodium bromate.BROMINE.DBNPA20%.Brominated Polystyrene.Aluminum Chloride.Polyaluminium Chloride PAC.2-Ethyl-anthraquinone.Tris(tribromophenyl) cyanurate FR-245.BDMAEE.Flake Graphite.Dichloroglyoxime(DCG).DBDPO /DECA.DBDPE /DECO.TBBA/TBBPABROMINATED SBS.RDT-5 ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide  BT-93W.BIT.DCOIT. OIT. DCDMH. DBDMH.BCDMH.Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate.Trichloro Isocyanuric Acid.Cyanuric acid    . CMIT/MIT-4.Glutaraldehyde 50% GIG50.Bromoacetic acid.etc.


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Address binhai development zone 262737 ,weifang city, shandong Province, china
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Company Profile SHANDONG ANGEL CHEMICAL CO.,LTD locates in the state‐level Development Zone‐‐Shandong Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone. It is a professional chemical enterprise mainly engaged in the research, Production, sales and services of Brominated Flame Retardants and Biocides for water treatment.

Our main products are  Bronopol.DBNPA.HBCD.Carbohydrazide.4-(METHYLSULFONYL)BENZALDEHYDE. 2,2-Bis[4-(2,3-dibromo-2-methylpropoxy)-3,5-dibrom.SodiumBromide.2-Cyanoacetamide.HBCD Masterbatch.DBNE .BDDP.Sodium bromate.BROMINE.DBNPA20%.Brominated Polystyrene.Aluminum Chloride.Polyaluminium Chloride PAC.2-Ethyl-anthraquinone.Tris(tribromophenyl) cyanurate FR-245.BDMAEE.Flake Graphite.Dichloroglyoxime(DCG).DBDPO /DECA.DBDPE /DECO.TBBA/TBBPABROMINATED SBS.RDT-5 ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide BT-93W.BIT.DCOIT. OIT. DCDMH. DBDMH.BCDMH.Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate.Trichloro Isocyanuric Acid.Cyanuric acid . CMIT/MIT-4.Glutaraldehyde 50% GIG50.Bromoacetic acid etc.

With the rights of selfsupport import & export, strong technical force and advanced processing technology and equipment, the quality items of our products all meet or surpass the international and domestic standard according to strict test methods. In addition to domestic market, our products are also largely exported to many countries and areas, including USA, UK, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Russia and Israel.

Looking to the future, we will adhere to the spirit of “professional, innovative, integrity, development”, and we will always insist on the management philosophy of “Guarantee the quality on the basis of first-class production technology; Strive for market on the basis of first-class product quality; Improve the performance on the basis of first-class after-sales service”. Warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad to establish long‐term stable friendly cooperative relationship with us which can bring us the sincere cooperation, mutual development and win-win situation.
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Product SpecificationsCyanuric acid    


Industry CategoryInorganic chemicals
Quality/Safety Certifications
Delivery Lead Time5 DAYS
Payment & Price TermsCIF CNF FOB
My OffersOur main products are Bronopol DBNPA HBCD Carbohydrazide 4 METHYLSULFONYL BENZALDEHYDE 2 2 Bis 4 2 3 dibromo 2 methylpropoxy 3 5 dibrom SodiumBromide 2 Cyanoacetamide HBCD Masterbatch DBNE BDDP Sodium bromate BROMINE DBNPA20 Brominated Polystyrene Aluminum Chloride Polyaluminium Chloride PAC 2 Ethyl anthraquinone Tris tribromophenyl cyanurate FR 245 BDMAEE Flake Graphite Dichloroglyoxime DCG DBDPO DECA DBDPE DECO TBBA TBBPABROMINATED SBS RDT 5 ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide BT 93W BIT DCOIT OIT DCDMH DBDMH BCDMH Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate Trichloro Isocyanuric Acid Cyanuric acid CMIT MIT 4 Glutaraldehyde 50 GIG50 Bromoacetic acid etc
Product Portfolio / Other Products
Customersour products are also largely exported to many countries and areas including USA UK Japan Mexico Korea Spain Brazil Italy Russia and Israel
Detailed Company Introduction
Packaging Details25KG BAG WITH PALLET
Our TeamLooking to the future we will adhere to the spirit of professional innovative integrity development and we will always insist on the management philosophy of Guarantee the quality on the basis of first class
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TRICHLOROISOCYANURIC ACID Swimming Pool Water Treatment Chemicals TRICHLOROISOCYANURIC ACID SynonymS:1,3,5-Trichloro-1-triazine-2,4,6(1H,3H,5H)-Trione CAS NO:87-90-1 Molecular weight:232.44;Molecular formula:C3O3N3CL3 White crystalline power,granular and 1,5,15,20,50,150,200grams tablets;150,200,250grams stick.
Sell : Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA) CAS No.: 87-90-1Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA) Formula: C3N3O3Cl3,F.W.: 232.44,CAS no.: 87-90-1,DOT: 5.1/II,NFPA no.: 2-0-2-OX,Class no.: 5.1 UN no.: 2468,HS code: 29336960,Specific Gravity: 0.96,Specification:90%min,power,granular,200G table.Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA) is white crystal power granular or tablets, with stimulant smell of hypochloric acid, slightly soluble in water and easily soluble in acetone. Application:trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) has strong bleaching and disinfection effects, Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA) is extensively adopted as high effective disinfectant for civil sanitation, animal husbandry and plant protection, or as bleaching agent for cotton, gunning, chemical fabrics, or as shrink-proof agent for woolens, battery materials, organic synthesis industry, or as drying-bleaching agent for clothes. It is normally supplied in powder, granular and tablets. Effervescent tablet in 250, 500, 650 or 1000 grams are also available on request.It is widely used for sterilization of swimming pool and drinking water, industrial circular water, aquaculture, hotel, hospital and other public places. Also used as bleaching agent and antiseptic for wool, cotton, textile, chemical fabrics etc. Packing:50kg/plastic drum, 21mt/20'FCL Raw material to produce TCCA:1) Chlorine and cyanuric acid End goods of TCCA:bleaching agent,water treatment Ronas chemicals,ltd.(Manufacturer) Skype: ronaschem1 Email:
CYANURIC ACID Detailed Product Description Product name, Molecular formula, Molecular weight 1, Product name: Cyanuric acid, fulminuric acid; chemical name: 2, 4, 6-trihydroxy¡ª1, 3, 5¡ªtriazine; Name in short: CYA 2, Molecular formula: C3H3N3O3 3, Molecular weight: 129.1 Properties: odorless white powder or granule, Melting point 330¡æ, PH of saturated solution is 4¡ª5. Quality index Index name Top grade First grade Qualified product Assay% ≥ 98.5 98.0 97.5 Loss on dry %≤ 0.5 0.5 0.5 Residue on ignition%≤ 0.1 0.1 0.1 PH of 1% solution 2.8 Product uses: used in the making of bromide, chloride,hydriodic chemicals, salts and esters of Cyanuric acid; mainly used in the synthesis of disinfectant, water treatment agent, bleaching agent, chlorating agent, brominating agent, antioxidant, paint coating, selective herbicide, buffer, chlorine stabilizer, nylon, plastic, polyester fire retardant, cosmetic additive and resin. Product packing: plastic woven bag with lining, net wt25kg or 40kg or 1000kg. Storage & transportation: Kept in dry and ventilating place, avoid moisture, water, rain and fire. Common transportation tools.