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  • General information: Raw coconut fiber is twisted into single or double yarns (two twisted fibers), then woven by loom into coir nets based on specifications required by customers. Coir nets is mainly used to cover bare hills, road slopes and preventing erosion.
  • NEWS:

- Coir net is a 100% natural product as it is made out of pure coir, drawn from the husk of the coconut and use no synthetic material. Coir nets are manufactured using hand twisted yarn as well as machine spun twine. It is used as a blanket to prevent soil erosion and it can be used for all soil bioengineering and erosion control application in stream banks, slopes, wetlands, hillside soils and golf course development.

- Since coir fibre is naturally resistant to rot moulds and moisture it needs no chemical treatment. It is hard and strong and it has the strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion while allowing vegetation to flourish.

- Coir net is widely used for civil engineering applications and slope stabilization applications as a mechanical strength that is necessary to hold soil in place and prevent erosion.

  • Coir Nets Are :

- 100% environment friendly

- Will last long before decomposing

- Very resistant to UV degradation as compared to Synthetic mats

- Ability to handle high water velocities. - High water absorption capacity of coir fibres promote seed germination

- Excellent results in Hydroseeding - Will decompose after a period of time leaving excellent mulch for the growing vegetation

- Cost effective compared to synthetic mats

- Depending on its application and exposure, Coir net lasts two to five years. This extended longevity period allows enough time to establish adequate vegetation allowing errosion control the way nature intended.

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Product Specifications Size 2 x 20m 40m2 roll diameter of fibre string 3 5mm with sizes as follows 26 x 26 lines m2 single x single double x single double x double 36 x 36 lines m2 single x single double x single double x double 40 x 40 lines m2 single x single double x single double x double Moisture 20 max Packing pressed into bale 07 rolls bale 200 bales cont 40ft HC Usage Coir net is mainly used to cover bare hills road slopes and prevent erosion
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