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Air Water Chiller Display function

Cooling heating Temperature Control System Display – The Refrigeration system's multi-image displays various information.

How Does the  Release Gas?

1. When air is released by air separator, the return value of the air separator should be placed in the normal open state to reduce the pressure of the air separator to the suction pressure, and the other valves should be closed.
2, Appropriately open mixed gas inlet valve to make the industrial cold water machine 40 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ below zero in mixed gases into the air separator.
3. Micro-open feed valve, so that the refrigerant is fed into the air separator to vaporize and absorb heat and cool the mixed gas.
4. The rubber hose used to connect the air vent valve interface enables one end to be inserted into the water container. When the refrigerant in the mixture is cooled into ammonia, the air separator is frosted at the bottom of the air separator, and the air valve can be opened slightly and the air is discharged through the water container. If the bubbles in the water rise in the process of the circular without the changing of volume, the water is clear and water temperature is not rising, then the air is released, at this time you should make the appropriate opening of the air valve.
5. The coolant in the mixture is gradually condensed into the coolant liquid and deposited at the bottom.The height of the liquid level can be seen from the frosting condition of the shell. When the liquid level reaches 12, close the supply throttle valve and open the return flow throttle valve. The underlying refrigerant liquid is returned to the air separator to cool the mixture. When the bottom layer is about to melt, turn off the return throttle valve to open the supply throttle valve.
6. When the air is stopped, the air valve should be closed first to prevent the coolant from leaking, and then the liquid throttle valve and the mixed gas inlet valve shall be closed. The return valve should not be closed to prevent increased pressure in the air release.


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